5 Reasons You Should Live with your Best Friends in College


“Don’t live with your best friend, it’ll ruin your friendship,” is something every college student has heard at least once in their life. While this can be true in some cases, I think your best friends are actually the best people to live with during your twenties. Even though it can be tricky to navigate at times, the benefits of living with your best friends are so worth it.

  1. 1. You can hang out literally whenever 


    It can be hard to find time to hang out with your besties between class, work and extracurriculars. Spending time with your friends is a whole lot easier when you’re all going home to the same place.

  2. 2. You get to know each other better 

    You may think you know everything about your best friend, but living together will bring you closer on a whole new level. Maybe you didn’t know that your bestie snores like a train or color codes her closet, but you sure do now.

  3. 3. You develop a stronger friendship 

    Roommates see each other in every type of mood, which can actually strengthen your relationship with your best friends. They’ll be with you during the good times and especially during the bad times, and that’s all anyone could ever ask for.


  4. 4. It's easier to deal with conflict 

    Lots of people think otherwise, but in my opinion, it’s easier to address a problem with one of your friends than a random roommate. If you’re really best friends, your friendship should survive a conversation about someone leaving their dishes in the sink.


  5. 5. It's so much fun 

    Why would you want to go home to an apartment full of strangers when you could go home to your best friends every day? Simple things like making dinner or scrolling on the couch are instantly way more fun when your friends are right next to you.

A huge part of college really is the experience, and those four years are so much fun because your best friends are right there with you. You won’t always have the opportunity to live with your best friends, so why not take advantage of it while you can?