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5 Notable People You Didn’t Realize Went to UW-Madison

We all know people like JJ Watt and Frank Kamisnky attended our favorite university. Yet, here are some famous names you might not have known were also alums. The UW community is as far reaching as ever!


1. Frank Lloyd Wright

The famous architect actually attended UW-Madison, although he left without receiving a formal degree. However, the University awarded him with an honorary degree as an acknowledgment of his incredible talent and his impact on the architecture world. He may not have gotten his actual degree, but as a member of the Phi Delta Beta fraternity, we suspect that Wright did enjoy the social scene here on campus.


2. Tammy Baldwin

Born and raised in Madtown, Sen. Tammy Baldwin is a graduate of the law school here in Madison. Her grandparents both worked for the University, so it’s safe to say that Tammy Baldwin is a badger through and through.


3. John Muir

Everyone’s favorite naturalist attended school here in the 1860s; he stayed in North Hall during his time here. Despite only having two months of previous formal schooling, Muir made it work and became one of the most brilliant minds in his field.


4. Dick Cheney

Cheney took some graduate studies courses at Madison, but never quite finished his degree here. The former vice president had a very jumpy academic career: before he ended up taking graduate classes her in Madison, he attended — and failed out of — Yale twice. He also studied at the University of Wyoming for a bit.


5. Rita Braver

Rita Braver, a national news correspondent for CBS News on Sunday Morning, has been a fixture in the world of journalism for decades. She has even worked as a White House Correspondent. Braver and her husband, Bob Barnett, met on campus and are both proud Wisconsin alumni.


It’s a great day to be a Badger, especially because you know now you’re in the same category as these amazing individuals. On, Wisconsin!

Erin Kleber

Wisconsin '21

Erin is majoring in Political Science and Communication Arts, with a certificate in Criminal Justice. She is a proud co-president of HC Wisconsin, and has been a member since her freshman year. When she's not writing or spending time with her HC gang, you can find her reading a good book, spending time up north, or cheering on the Badger football team. 
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