2018, As Told By UW-Madison Memes

No doubt about it; 2018 was one for the books. Here’s a month-by-month look at the year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as told by some of the best student-created memes.


January: Tide Pods

The year got off to a strange start when Tide laundry detergent pods’ uncanny resemblance to candy spawned the viral Tide Pod Challenge. UW-Madison Police tweeted about it, and Badgers responded accordingly.



February: Super Bowl Kid

In February, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII. Badger memers were quick to spoof the kid in the crowd who was more interested in his phone than Justin Timberlake’s halftime performance.


March: Steve Carell

In March, Michael Scott … ahem, Steve Carell visited the UW-Madison campus while on a college tour with his daughter. The university broke out into mass hysteria while students tried to track down the beloved Office actor.



April: Mark Zuckerberg

In April, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress on data privacy issues. Though the internet launched into conspiracy theories of Zuck being a robot, Badgers couldn’t help but remember the time he paid a visit to State Street Brats.




May: Don’t Go, Lori

In May, Lori Berquam announced she would be leaving UW-Madison. The Dean of Students, well known by students for her infamous “Don’t go to Mifflin” quote, was met with heartfelt goodbyes from the student body.




June: SOAR

Classes were out, making it officially SOAR season at UW-Madison. The influx of soon-to-be Badgers and their proud parents brought with it memes like this gem.



July: Summer Classes

Badgers who made the tough choice to enroll in summer classes found themselves struggling to enjoy #UWSummer.




August: Trolling On Freshmen

As freshmen moved into their residence halls, some kind upperclassmen decided to share their wisdom with the youth.


September: Back To School

Once syllabus week was over, the start of classes brought with it a stressed-out student body.

October: Midterm Season

October brought midterms, and every Badger knows the best way to avoid studying for midterms is by making memes.



November: Battle for the Axe

UW-Madison’s border battle football game with the University of Minnesota didn’t go as hoped, and Badgers were quick to use humor and Spongebob memes to cope with the loss.




December: Canada Goose

As temperatures dipped below freezing, the ever-controversial Coastie puffer coat got its fair share of attention from the meme community.





What’s your best memory. . . or should we say, meme-ory of 2018? Comment down below!