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12 GIFs of how all Badgers are feeling about Polar Vortex 2.0


  1. Looking out the window to see it has snowed 6 inches in approx. 13 minutes.
  2. When the high for the day sits around -20 degrees. 
  3. Realizing that professors really expect us to come to lecture.
  4. Reading emails and warnings that describe the dangers of the cold.  You know, frostbite, pneumonia, death…
  5. Briefly considering transferring to a school in Florida or Alabama… 
  6. Getting together all your warmest clothes.
  7. Realizing you left your best snow boots at home over break…
  8. Trying to figure out the shortest path to class.
  9. Saying goodbye to your best friend before she ventures off into the cold, desolate world.
  10. Cursing whoever thought the Engineering Hall would be “close enough” to the rest of campus. 
  11.  Trying not to embarrass yourself slipping on the ice-coated sidewalks.
  12.  Coming together as a student body to whine incessantly, even though we deal with the cold and snow every year. 



Stay warm, fellow Badgers.  We will endure.




Olivia is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with big aspirations in PR and advertising. With a love for writing, beauty and confidence, she’s making it through college one step at a time.
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