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10 Ways to De-Stress After Midterms

10 Ways to De-Stress After Midterms

Midterms can cause enough stress to make even the most levelheaded person want to drop out of college and become an exotic dancer. Well, maybe not, but there’s no doubt that midterms can take a toll on one’s sanity. Here are 10 ways to claim back that sanity after the hellish weeks that make up midterms.

1. Netflix marathons, of course. Binge-watching shows is so much sweeter when it doesn’t involve avoiding responsibilities. This time, you earned it!

2. Dance it out! Take a page from the Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang handbook and bust out some moves.

3. Participate in Wine Wednesday. Grab your girls, some rom-coms, and of course, your favorite wine! Bye-bye, stress!

4. Go for a run! …and most likely give up after 5 minutes.

5. Go online shopping. While this can be dangerous for a college student’s bank account, it is a surefire way to let go of some stress. Besides, you deserve it!

6. Redecorate! While some might find this stressful in itself, it can be therapeutic to give your surroundings a fresh update. If you’re not up for actually redecorating, you can always just watch some HGTV! (Property Brothers, anyone??)

7. Plan your life out on Pinterest. There’s nothing more relaxing than pretending you have your life together.

8. Bake some treats! Not only can it be fun, but you get delicious food out of it, as well. It’s a win-win!

9. Laugh! Whether you invite your friends over, watch silly Vines, or pop in your fave comedy, laughing is one of the best ways to relieve stress. (This collection of gifs of Ryan Gosling laughing shouldn’t hurt, either!)

10. Go to the Animal Humane Society. Not only will the painfully adorable animals give your brain a break, you will be helping by giving them attention. Who knows, maybe you can even adopt one…or 32.

So there you have it, 10 ways to de-stress after midterms. Now you’re calm enough to go check your grades, right? Good luck!

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