10 Tiny Upsides to the UW Madison Ice Age

In case you haven't been outside recently, which I wouldn't blame you if you haven’t, temperatures have been close to or below zero, and it's supposedly going to get colder. Life during this time can seem kind of grey. The sky is grey. The slush on the ground is grey. The only things that aren’t grey are the thousands of black parka wearing students that crowd the sidewalks. However there are a few tiny upsides to these negative temps that you may have just overlooked.


1.You’re awake for class

Stepping outside feels like plunging into an ice bath. Who needs coffee when you have -12 degree winds attacking your face on your walk to class?


2. Getting to wear ALL of your winter accessories


Remember when we had those 80 degree football games, and everyone was complaining like, “ugh when can I wear my boots and scarves”? Well, now you can. Mother nature is over compensating for our lack of the fall season by giving us the chance to wear all of our warmer accessories - at the same time!


3. Your lecture breakfast will still be cold


Your iced coffee is unmelted. Your apple slices are still crisp. Your yogurt is as fresh as when you took it out of the fridge. One of the perks of living in an ice box is never having to settle for watered down coffee and lukewarm food.


4. People less likely to be on their phones while walking

It is too treacherous for anyone to dare take their hands out of their pockets while walking or else risk frostbite. Everyone is also so focused on not slipping on ice that commutes to class are surprisingly more streamlined with everyone giving their undivided attention to the sidewalk.


5. No more bicycles

Gone is the fear of a sudden bicycle taking you out as you cross in front of east campus mall. It’s a simpler time.


6. Commiserating with everyone

(*cue “Well Damn Jackie”*) Need to find a study buddy for your class this semester, or simply want to try to make a friend? Well, misery loves company. It may be a cliche, but there is no easier conversation starter than the weather.


7. Spontaneous snowball fights

Why not make the most of a situation? An abundance of snow calls for snowball fights, sledding down hills on dining hall trays, and all of the snow related boomerangs and Insta shots your heart desires.


8. Professors not making it to class

Ah yes, the true light that shines through the dreary winter - “Class is Cancelled”. Of course this perk hinges on the tiny, yet crucial, detail that your professor is one to cancel class in his/her absence instead of having a TA takeover. One can still hope.


9. Lines are shorter

Lines everywhere are shorter. Lines for bars and restaurants are exceptionally shorter on the weekends as many Badgers choose to stay inside where it’s safe and warm. If you can assemble the strength to brave the cold, you will reap the rewards! Only the strongest will thrive.


10. Having a legitimate excuse to stay in bed and watch Netflix

My personal favorite perk of these chilly times - a versatile, no questions asked, perfect excuse for every occasion.

“Want to go out?” - Nope too cold.

“Are you going to the gym?” - Nope too cold.

“Are you going to class?” - Nope too cold. (Kidding, mom!) (Kind of)


Even in the coldest of times there is always something to look forward to and be thankful for. Being able to laugh and embrace the awfulness will make this winter pass a lot faster.