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World Mental Health Day, 2016

We’re college students; we have tests, and we have homework; we have late nights and early mornings and we junk food for pretty much every meal. We have pressures in every realms of our lives. And, after a while, it can pick away at us and make us feel like we’re not the people we thought we were. It can mess with our minds and make us depressed, or anxious, or angry, and it can trigger and develop other illnesses we didn’t know we had.

Today is World Mental Health Day, the day that we don’t only spread awareness of mental illnesses, but we celebrate the people with mental illnesses. There seems to be quite the stigma about mental illnesses; it seems that people are embarrassed to admit they have a problem and it seems that the people without the problems are quick to judge. But, today is the perfect day to stop that judgement and embarrassment–after all, according to The American Psychological Association and the 2013 National College Health Assessment, “About one-third of U.S. college students had difficulty functioning in the last 12 months due to depression, and almost half said they felt overwhelming anxiety in the last year”, which pretty much means that mental illnesses among students is more common than most people think.

Like I said before, we’re college students. We obviously have a lot on our plates, but we must remember to sometimes take a break. Our brains and health are so important–and believe it or not, are much more important than our GPAs.

So take today to say a little “thank you” to your brain and tell it you’re sorry for putting them through so much. The best way to say thank you, though, is to take a deep breath and relax. Have some tea, read a book and unwind. Take care of your mental health first. To learn more about World Mental Health Day, watch this video and these celebs who also think mental health is important and read these articles below!

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Spread the love, Collegiettes–especially to our brains.

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