Winthrop University Hosts The Her Campus Tour

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Between the giggles, the giveaways and the great group of gals, the community of Winthrop University had an absolutely amazing time at the 2018 Her Campus Tourand Her Campus at Winthrop had an even better time hosting it.

*Her Campus at Winthrop Team -- last shift of the day* 

Stationed at the different activations, the HCWU members had the opportunity to work as Brand Ambassadors to teach the students of Winthrop about the sponsors and companies that were helping make the tour possible, including:


Aéropostale ​#InAero 

L'Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze #SublimeBronze #WalmartBeauty

Tretorn ​#Tretorn #TretornXHerCampus



Her Campus Media #HCTour

*Photo taken by Helen Ovcharenko*

The Her Campus Media Welcome Tent

After the attendees checked in at the “Welcome Tent” and learned about what Her Campus was, learned more about Her Campus at Winthrop and followed HCWU on social media, they got their first giveaway of the day, which was an adorable HC Tour monogrammed bag filled with goodies like nail polish, lipstick and coupons.

*Photo taken by Taylor Mitchell* 

Check out what the staff of Her Campus at Winthrop had to say about The Welcome Tent!


*Photo taken by Maggie Claytor*

"I loved being at the Welcome Tent and getting to share what Her Campus is all about and why I love it so much! It not only made others feel welcome but reminded me of how amazing it is to be able to further my love for writing in a fun way!" -Alexis Lee, Her Campus at Winthrop Staff Writer + Twitter Director

"I liked the welcome tent because so many people got to learn about what Her Campus was really about!" -Helen Ovcharenko, Her Campus at Winthrop Staff Writer

The "Denim Daze" at the Aéropostale Tent  

The next station was all things Aéropostale and all things denim — and students from all over campus were lined up to participate in the “Denim Daze," wanting to have a chance to try on jean jackets, snap some photos and enter the Aéro social media giveaway!

*Photo taken by Helen Ovcharenko*

Once there was a photo posted on a various social media platform of their choosing, they were eligible to to win a coupon from the Aéropostale vending machine. There was buzz all week about this station after two different girls won a “$100-off” coupon from the machine and other students won $5, $10 and $20-off coupons. 

Check out what the staff of Her Campus at Winthrop had to say about the Aéropostale Tent!  

*Photo taken by Maggie Claytor*

"My favorite tent at the HC Tour was the Aéropostale tent because it was such a fun way to get people to promote the event as well as try on some really cute denim and win free prizes just for participating! The selfie mirror was really cool and everyone seemed to love it!" -Ann Marie Langrehr, Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus at Winthrop

"I also liked the L’Oréal tent because there were a lot of amazing products and the tent looked awesome, which made me want the products more." -Helen Ovcharenko, Her Campus at Winthrop Staff Writer

"I had a really great experience being a brand ambassador for the Aéropostale tent because everyone had such a good time trying on Aéropostale denim, and people really enjoyed their prizes from the vending machine!" -Hanna Spevak, Her Campus at Winthrop Staff Writer

The Tretorn Tent

Right in the middle of the set up was the next tent for Tretorn, and just like the other tents, this one was equally favored by the students. The activation’s design was so unique and creative — between the display of the companies’ sneakers, the ping pong table and the shoelace gum ball machine, everyone was impressed.

*Photo taken by Maggie Claytor*

Those students who chose to play a game of ping pong were entered in a chance to win a coupon for their own Tretorn shoes and have the opportunity to get a complimentary giveaway shoelace. Both the males and the females loved this station and stood in line waiting to play and have a chance to win!

Check out what the staff of Her Campus at Winthrop had to say about the Tretorn tent!

*Photo taken by Taylor Mitchell*

"It was really great that there was an activation and sponsor that appealed mainly to men as well as women at The Her Campus Tour. I had a lot of fun seeing my guy friends support Her Campus and try and win shoelaces, coupons and enter in the sneaker giveaway!" -Emily Murphy, President of Her Campus at Winthrop

I had so much fun being a Brand Ambassador for Tretorn! It was a blast getting to laugh with other people over ping pong, talk to them about what shoes they produced and what Her Campus is!" -Hannah West, Her Campus at Winthrop, Staff Writer

The "Sublime Bronze Destination" L'Oréal Paris Activation

One of the last stations to enter fun giveaways was the L'Oréal Paros Tent. This section helped to completely transform Winthrop’s lawn into a relaxing oasis with comfortable swing chairs, plants and a ton of the awesome L'Oréal Paris products displayed. Winthrop students took turns posing with the chairs and the amazing background for posting on various social media platforms and entering a chance to win a tanning wipe to help them enter into their own island oasis.

*Photo taken by Maggie Claytor*

Check out what the staff of Her Campus at Winthrop had to say about "destination summer" with L'Oréal Paris!

*Photo taken by Maggie Claytor*

I loved being a brand ambassador at the L'Oréal  tent. Not only way I able to interact with campus, but I also got to promote an awesome product. The sublime bronze towelettes gave me a natural tan that I’m still rocking!" -Spencer Reilly, Her Campus at Winthrop Staff Writer

"I had fun at the L'Oréal  Paris tent as a brand ambassador because the decorations were inviting to all who visited and we had a lot of cute products to share with others. I also enjoyed being apart of this experience because I got to watch friends bond at the photo booth and everyone had a good time." -Ashley McHam, Her Campus at Winthrop Staff Writer

"I loved the L’Oréal tent because of the pretty backdrop and the vibes it gave off! This event was so much fun and our campus seemed to love it!" -Lauren Griffith, Her Campus at Winthrop Staff Writer

Her Campus Media, "Her Campus Tour" Backdrop Photo Opportunity

Last but not least, there was the highlight of the event — an adorable photo opportunity for students and professors. Similar to walking the red carpet, this activation had a pink carpet with inflatable pool toys that made the photos fun and come to life.

*Photo taken by Maggie Claytor*

It was the perfect opportunity for students to meet up with their friends and snap some photos. Not only was there the chance to take photos with their phones, but additionally the Her Campus at Winthrop event photographers and Brand Ambassadors were helping to take photos with a film camera for a physical memory of the day.

*Photo taken by Maggie Claytor*

Most importantly, it was the perfect opportunity to show off what an amazing time they had at The Her Campus Tour!

*Photo taken by Helen Ovcharenko*


Thank you again to all of our sponsors, the Her Campus Media team and the professors and school officials that made this event possible -- it was the event of the year! 


*Photo taken by Helen Ovcharenko*

"It was awesome to see students come out to the Green and ask questions about Her Campus itself in addition to interacting with the Brand Ambassadors! I think this was a great way to show our university that we take this organization very seriously and to prove just how amazing our chapter is!" -Katya, Her Campus at Winthrop Staff Writer

*Photo taken by Helen Ovcharenko*

"It was fun to help set up and get a sneak peek at all the goodies that HC handed out, and I loved seeing all of my friends come out and talk about how awesome it was!" -Isabella Rodriguez, Her Campus at Winthrop Staff Writer

*Photo taken by Taylor Mitchell* 

*Photo taken by Maggie Claytor*

"Working the Her Campus tent was such a fun experience! My favorite was the Aeropostale tent, the clothes were so cute, and it was nice bring everybody together!" -Jessica Battista, Her Campus at Winthrop Staff Writer

*Photo taken by Taylor Mitchell* 

"I couldn't think of a better way to end my senior year and four years with Her Campus at Winthrop." -Emily Murphy, President of Her Campus at Winthrop