Why Fran Drescher is the Ultimate Icon

Remembered for her loud voice and iconic dress, Fran Drescher stole our hearts with her role of Fran Fine on The Nanny. As a proud 90’s girl, I spent my afternoons watching the show, taking pride in the fact that Fran pronounced words the same as me (score one for northern accents). Her spunk, flare, and signature laugh made her a role model far after the show aired. Even though some of her outfits may have gone out of style, her life lessons and confidence never will. All of this accumulates to the reason why Fran Drescher is the ultimate icon!

She taught us that a little flirting never hurt anyone.


She knows how to balance what’s on her plate!


She illustrated the importance of girl talk.


And that a sidekick makes everything more fun!


She taught us the appropriate face to make to act surprised,

and how to get over a breakup.


She told us that pizza is good for the soul,


and that personal space is overrated.


And of course, we can't forget rule #27.


We loved how she made an entrance...


…and an exit!


She remembered to keep her hair on point at any age.


And most importantly, she flaunted the fact that you never let someone rain on your parade!


Be the Fran Fine of whatever you do!