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The Thoughts of One Struggling College Student to Another

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

I think that many of us already feel overwhelmed with the school year, we’ve only been here for a month but yet we all can already feel our worlds collapsing around us. Between trying to balance academics, friendships, and romantic relations it becomes a lot and tiring. I know it does for me at least. Trying to balance it all seems so easy in our heads but never actually is we keep trying to push this agenda of achieving everything, but we don’t and that’s only one of our problems.

Next, we worry about how we are going to afforded things and if we are going to be able to afford what everyone else does. As social creatures and young ones at that we don’t want to feel left out. So here we are then….spending all our money so that we feel included in what everyone else is doing. But honestly, we shouldn’t even be pushing ourselves that much and feeding into the desire of peer pressure and social conformation. I think it is funny that I said this knowing that you and I both probably will continue to feed into it. I think about how it bothers me every day and how I should stand up for myself and stop letting everyone make me feel horrible but yet I continue to do the total opposite.

I struggle with feeling like I can ignore what everyone thinks about me so here I am everyday trying to be what I think people want me to be. Do you do the same? And you know what the funniest part is that even though I do all of these things people are still not impressed and still find things that are negative to say about or to me. I always the person who needs to change because my personality is “too much”, but I know I find it funny because I am also the one who is always being taken advantage of and walked all over. I the “dramatic one” because my feelings are hurt or because I feel the need to express myself. I create the drama by being myself and that’s honestly hilarious when I sit here and write this. I am the girlfriend who takes things out of proportion because I call my boyfriend on his bull. But you know with all those things and the way everyone makes me feel I’ll still be the one to be there for them when they need me. Still the one to encourage them, or the one to listen to them vent, give them money, or simply do a task for me. I also will still be the one looking for them to appreciate me one day knowing that day will not come. So I said this all because I want you to know you’re not the only one struggling so do not feel alone. It is hard and it is frustrating to feel so alone around so many but just stay positive from one struggling college student to another.

Jasmine Creech

Winthrop '25

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