The Struggles of Deleting Photos Off of Your Phone

Do you ever just sit there and scroll through all of the pictures on your phone and realize that some of them are junk, really old, or of people you no longer associate with? We all do it at some point. It’s so easy to just point and shoot at something, and it’s even easier to forget that sometimes certain photos exist! Then you re-discover them and it’s like HOLY COW!!!

We’ve all struggled with trying to figure out what photos to delete, so here’s a little recap of what it feels like!


1. Trying to take a picture and realizing that your storage is full

Excuse me??? What do you mean I don’t have any room to store new pictures?? Well where does all my storage space go?!?!?


2. Concluding that you need to delete photos in order to take new ones

You need the space… do you really need those old photos? Think about the new Instagram posts…


3. Scrolling, trying to figure out what to delete

Well I don’t want to delete that!!! It’s such a cute photo!! What if I can use it in the future? I mean.. I probably won’t.. but it’s still good to have!


4. Finally selecting pictures… and deleting them..

I guess I’ll never see these pictures on my phone again.. But I looked so good.. Such a good memory… WHY AM I LIKE THIS?!?!



New photos, huh? Let’s see how long we hang onto these..


Well Collegiettes, we all know that once you get those new photos in, you’ll probably hold onto those for a while, and then the scrolling/deleting cycle will start again.

But it’s okay, why don’t we just take it one step – or should I say, one photo - at a time?