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Some Thoughts On Why We Should Legalize Marijuana

The benefits that come with Marijuana have been undeniably remarkable, for those states in which it has been legalized. Yet, people still think that weed in any form is a disgraceful drug and is deserving of its illegal status. Crazy? I know right!

Why does weed get such a bad rap even though it seems completely harmless?

Tobacco is a drug that anyone over the age of 18 can buy in the United States, yet recreational marijuana use is only legal in 8 states.

If marijuana has been proven to be beneficial, in regards to health and medicinal purposes, why do we allow for the use of dangerous and unhealthy drugs when we clearly have an alternative that is seemingly harmless?

It makes no sense that we can allow for people to use a drug that leads to cancer, lung diseases and other serious health issues, yet deny people the right to an alternative that has no serious detrimental effects on one’s health.

The drug we should be allowing in our country is the one that causes no extreme health problems, has been proven to benefit people with certain medical issues, reduces diabetes, improves mental health and FIGHTS cancer.

There are still some potential risks involved with smoking pot, as is with anything we put into our bodies. Many tests with pot don’t have definite results and are therefore not entirely proven, but overall the benefits seem to outweigh the side effects and all potential risks appear to be temporary or miniscule.

When people with multiple medical issues visit a doctor, they are, more often than not, given multiple prescription drugs that typically alter their mental health or mess with other bodily functions and create unpleasant, sometimes unbearable, side effects. People in states where pot is legal have the chance to avoid these problems.

Many patients, who are given medicinal pot, show more improvement and better results than they would’ve if they had been given the loads of drugs the doctor prescribed.

The legalization of pot would also allow for the government to bring in more revenue and create jobs, since these are the things they are attempting to do anyway. If they legalize pot, they will be gaining revenue through taxes, as well as reducing the number of people taken in and kept in jails across the nation.

Police officers wouldn’t be wasting as much of their time arresting potheads who just want to smoke and relax. Rather, they could put their time to good use and track down actual criminals who create an unsafe and dangerous community around us.

Pot is NOT a drug! Pot is good and drugs are bad, simply put. Pot is a plant that people use, and have been using for thousands of years, around the world for its health benefits. Unfortunately, America seems to have an issue recognizing the good that can come of legalizing pot, because we’re too hung up on the people smoking it.

We see alcoholics and drug addicts smoking weed and automatically assume that it is just another way for them to inflict self-harm. Which is NOT the case, this closed mindedness causes us to completely disregard everything that pot is and could be.

Pot can actually deter these people from other drug and alcohol use, as it is a safe way to get high.

Although pot is still considered a drug, it should be legalized, if not recreationally then at least for its medicinal purpose, because there is no telling how truly great weed could be for society and what is yet to come!


For more information on the benefits and risks involved with marijuana use check out these sites:




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