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Perks Of Attending A Smaller University

If you or someone you know is a senior year and is trying to decide which college you want to attend in the Fall…. look no further.

A huge determining factor when picking a school would obviously be if the school offered your interested field of study. Another determining factor should be if the school would be big enough to be interesting, but small enough to feel like you are in a comfortable setting.

Personally, I’m so thankful that my roommate told me about Winthrop and their education program because before then, I had no clue that Winthrop even existed. After attending my university for a year now, I have found out the many perks of attending a smaller school … and here’s what I have come up with!!

Professors Actually Want to Get to Know You

Office hours are probably the best opportunity to go meet your professor to talk about something you’re not understanding in class of about anything else. Professors really appreciate their students taking the extra initiative for their own education. In most of my classes the first couple of classes are used to get to know everyone and their name and also for the professor to learn your name. Let me tell you how tickled I was to see my biology instructor a year after taking his course, and hearing him yell “Hey Ny!” from across the street. From that moment, I knew that Winthrop’s professors do care about making connections with their students.

Easy Involvement

Getting involved was something that was particularly important to me when coming to college because that was what I was used to in high school. At a smaller university you won’t have to worry about not hearing about things to get involved in because often times professors will bring it up in class. There are always flyers and announcements about clubs and other organizations. It only takes one interest meeting to possibly introduce you to an organization you fall in love with!

Close Classes


Even though I may not feel like walking across campus some days to go to class, I couldn’t imagine having to take a shuttle bus to class. Being able to walk from point A. to point B. anywhere on campus in less than 15 minutes is truly something to celebrate!

“At Home” Feel

Being comfortable at your university is almost essential to your education. I know some may feel like coming to college means getting lost in the sauce with a lot of new people and new surroundings. At a smaller school you’ll most likely see some of the same people daily, which may not sound too exciting but at the same time that is your opportunity to reach out at say “Hey!” to that person. I mean how could you not feel at home, walking around campus seeing people nap in their Enos!

Small Classes

I can confess that I am definitely that student that will not hesitate to raise my hand in class and ask questions about what I don’t understand. I’m not sure if I would feel as comfortable doing so, in a class with 300 people. I have been in class with as little as 15 people and it makes it a lot easier to get involved during class discussion and let your professor know you are invested in your education.


College is a crazy time, and finding yourself is an interesting journey. I think that attending a smaller university makes that journey more than worth it. My time at Winthrop has made me realize I chose the right school and a small school is definitely a great option!

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