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J.Cole’s New Album Is A Must For New Downloads


You heard right! 


After, a long two years it is finally here! J.Cole dropped his new album called KOD, after J.Cole announced to twitter that his new album finally being dropped days before it finally hit and it is taking over Apple Music and the top of the charts.

This is a must download album, with new sounds from J.Cole and amazing beats. J.Cole has not dropped a new album since 2016, after many years of patience IT IS FINALLY HERE! 

Click here to listen to the album on spotify!

Twitter has taken two sides to J.Coles new album with some disappointed by his album and some fans amazed and happy that he finally dropped a new album.

As two songs are killing it, as they make there way to the top trending songs KOD as #1 and #2 Photographs, and the rest of the album following along! As a fan of J.Cole this album is a download must as exams get closer! 


Hopefully J.Cole will release his tour date or leak something about going on tour — J.Cole Please! Go! On! Tour!

-Your fans


Available on Apple Music, Spotify or stream his WHOLE album on YouTube

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