I Don’t Understand the New Trend of “Beautifying” Stretch Marks

Lately it seems like I can’t scroll down my Facebook feed without seeing some new article about some artist making stretch marks beautiful.

I’ve seen artists painting the marks in rainbow, I’ve seen glitter stretch marks, and I’ve seen tattooing stretch marks in with a flesh tone to hide them.

But the thing is, I just don’t get it.

I have a body full of stretch marks, just like a lot of people. Most of my stretch marks are a purple-red color that is not attractive. But I’ve never wanted to change them. I think that stretch marks by themselves are beautiful. They show your growth.

Why is society convinced that stretch marks are ugly?

I just don’t understand. You should be able to love your body; stretch marks, scars and everything else. I think it’s really sad that society is convincing people to hate their bodies and the signs of their growth.  I know that it’s hard to defy society and their beauty standards, but I think a lot more of us would be happier. 

Collegiettes, don't let anyone tell you how to love, or not love, your body!