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How to Stay Stress-Free during Finals Week

Stressed about finals? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you from getting stressed out for finals week!


1. Get Organized

Start by making sure you know when and where all your exams are, so you can be prepared in advance for the final!

2. Hit the Gym

No better way than getting some anger or stress out by exercising, grab a friend and hit the gym! You’ll not only keep the stress away but get a workout in as well.

3. Use the Resources

Attend the study sessions, study with class mates or use your tutor. They are helpful and studying is less boring when with a group!

4. Get Enough Sleep

Although studying is important, make sure you are getting enough rest to help you concentrate and stay rested.

5. Treat yourself

Make sure to reward yourself from working hard during finals week with your favorite ice cream or dinner from your favorite restaurant.

Good luck on finals Collegiettes!

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