How To Make Your College Abode Pinterest Worthy

Moving into a new dorm, apartment, or house is always something to look forward to. Having an empty space to decorate is like a blank canvas, but it can be intimidating unless you have a plan.

The best way to decorate the way you would like on a college budget is to do it yourself and be crafty. Shopping around for Mason jars, things to paint, and small trinkets can add a lot to a room.

Walls. When it comes to filling up a plain wall there are many different ways to do it. One option is to get a bunch of smaller sized canvases or pictures and make a collage. Another option is to go big. Find a big mirror or picture/painting and maybe add a few smaller pieces around it.

Bedroom. Personally, my bedroom has a lot of white with some pops of color. I like the elegant look. On my dresser I purchased a small circle mirror from Hobby Lobby to place my perfume’s on. This is a cheap way to add a little extra. My dresser also has lots of candles and recycles wine bottles. Most of my decorations I crafted on my own because that is the cheapest way to go. I have a floor length mirror I bought from Costco for super cheap. Looking at places like Costco and Sam’s Club seems really random, but I have been able to find good deals.

Bathroom. I can’t say “Home Goods” enough when it comes to decorating a bathroom. Home Goods has great shower curtains and rugs. Like my bedroom, I also chose to go the simple yet elegant way in my bathroom. The shower curtain is white, of course, but has ruffles to keep it from looking so plain. The rugs are also white, but really fluffy, and sometimes can get dirty easily. I would recommend patterned rugs that are an off white or darker color.

Kitchen. Our kitchen is a combination of things acquired from all of our homes, as well as, crafted items. We have a lovely wine rack that we repainted and added a little glitter to! Since all of my housemates are best friends we have tons of pictures. We made a collage of pictures in a frame to add to one wall in the kitchen. On another wall we have what we call a “picture wall” which is a plain wall with streamers as a back drop and we use this to take pictures in front of!!

Living room. Living rooms are always exciting to decorate!! Most living rooms have windows and our house particular has a lot. We hung Christmas lights bordering the windows and placed a few lamps places around the room, this makes the room cozier. One of my roommates brought a wooden coffee table from home, painted it white and used chalkboard paint on the top, which is fun to write on! Candles are also a great way to make your living room cozy. Sometime candles can be expensive, so why not make your own? By lighting candles that are almost out so the wax melts and pouring them into a new jar, you can make your own candle!!

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Since decorating can be expensive, ask your parents or grandparents if they have any home décor they aren’t using. You can either use things the way they are or do a DIY and paint it over yourself. Recycled wine bottles and Mason jars absolutely add a lot when they are painted. And looking at Pinterest for new ideas always helps!


Happy decorating!