How To Deal With That Class You Absolutely Hate

We all have it. That one class we honestly just cannot stand. I had a couple classes that I didn't care for last semester, but it was due to simple things like the time of the class or me just not having an interest in the subject. But this semester I have that dreaded class, the one where everything is wrong. The professor, the subject, the time. When you absolutely hate a class, it’s a miracle you even make it to that class every week. 

However, there are some little things you can do to get yourself through the class or even the whole semester of the class (I know it seems like it’ll never end, I’m sorry):


1. Don’t skip

Or at least, skip responsibly. I know what you’re all thinking, what? If I hate a class I’m definitely more eager to skip it? But skipping gets you behind and when you’re behind, you get stressed out. And if there’s anything to make you hate the class you hate even more, it’s adding stress to the mix. You can skip responsibly by checking your syllabus. If you know you won’t miss anything too important, nothing is due, and you just feel that you need a class off, go ahead and treat yourself. But use this sparingly.

2. Do all your assignments on time

This is super important and something I tend to slack off on. It goes again with the stress thing. If you come to class unprepared, you’re often a mess and irritable, which makes the class even worse for you because you’re already in a bad mood. Having all your work accomplished when you get into class makes you feel like you have somewhat of a grasp on things and will probably make you less irritable during the class.

3. Bring a drink or snack to class

Of course, don’t bring in anything your professor has forbidden in the lovely syllabus they gave you at the beginning of the semester. But, I find having a water in class for me is super helpful. Every time I find myself nodding off, I take a sip of water. Also bring some candy or something. It’ll make you less irritable as well during class because who can be that angry while eating delicious gummy bears? And who knows, maybe that Pavlov conditioning thing will kick in and you’ll eventually associate that class with the candy and of course you love candy, so in return you’ll find yourself loving the class? I stress the maybe part because I doubt I’ll ever love my dreaded class, but it's worth a shot right?

4. Try meeting with your professor outside of class

I know you don’t want to and I’ll be honest, I haven’t utilized this method yet for my particular class but I probably should soon. Office hours have formed some of my greatest relationships with some of my current and former professors. Maybe the professor of the class you hate just seems that way during class? Try meeting them during their office hours to get another perspective on their personality. You might end up really liking them and a good professor can really turn a terrible class around. Or if not, they might end up liking you because you came in for office hours, and that might boost your grade. And how much can you hate a class when your grade rises?

In the end, if none of these tips actually help, don’t panic. College has this lovely thing where classes are only at most a semester long. You can make it!

So just breathe, and remember the semester is already half-way through!