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Kali Coleman


Kali Coleman is currently a freshman Mass Communications major at Winthrop University. Although it’s hard, she has found hobbies outside of napping and Netflix – the gods of activities in her opinion. These hobbies include writing, art, theatre, and most importantly – comedy. She finds the best way to get through any day is with a laugh (or hopefully multiple laughs). Mindy Kaling is her personal hero. If you reference anything to the shows The Mindy Project or Parks and Recreation, you might accidentally not be able to shut her up. She also is obsessed with smoothies and the a cappella group Pentatonix (who she may have seen 5 times in concert - oops), which don’t really correlate unless you can come up with some weird correlation. If you wish to know anything more about her or just read some of her other internet ramblings, you can follow her on Twitter and/or Instagram: @kalifornia429