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From a Gym Rat: How to Find Gym Motivation

Have you ever wanted to go to the gym but couldn’t find the motivation? Are you nervous to go work out around others? What about not feeling confident enough to go? Well, this article contains all of my suggestions and things I do to gain motivation, all while feeling confident and working towards my goals.

If finding motivation is the issue you’re facing, look no further. Below is several things that help me, because no matter how experienced you are in the gym, everyone has days in which they struggle.

Hold yourself accountable.

Doing this helps in keeping you on your toes, and sometimes we all need that little extra push. Perhaps rewarding yourself with something you like if you go to the gym, such as, “If I go to the gym and stay for an hour or have a good workout, I will go get Starbucks.” I mean who doesn’t want to reward themselves every so often? Holding yourself accountable through a reward system will help to get you in the gym and be more productive.

Keep a record.

Writing down when you worked out, how long you worked out, and what you did for your workout will help you to create a visual and show you over weeks span how often you went to the gym and for how long. This is a great idea for people who like to see it visually. Personally, it helps me to see my progress, keep track of my gym schedule, and helps to encourage me to maintain a certain number of days to work out a week.

Set reasonable goals.

If you truly are trying to accomplish the goals you set for yourself, there are some key ways to think about your goals. The main way I think about my goals that pushes me to keep up in being consistent is to think about a puzzle. With the puzzle being the goals, think of every workout as a puzzle piece. The more you work out, the more puzzle pieces you accumulate, and the more the puzzle is completed the closer you are to accomplishing your goals. This analogy has tremendously helped in maintaining my motivation because of my strong desire to achieve my goals, and if it helps me, I hope it can help others as well.

If you are nervous to work out around others or lack confidence in a gym setting:

  • Dress in attire that makes you feel confident yet comfortable.
  • Figure out how to use equipment prior to going to the gym.
  • Plan your workout. Having a skeleton of what you want to do at the gym helps to keep you on the right track.
  • Ignoring everyone else is crucial in being successful at the gym. Don’t compare yourself or compete with others. Remain confident, put some good tunes on and just stay focused on your puzzle piece, your goals, and your motivation. Strive for the best you can do!
  • Workout during slow gym times. Doing so will prevent standing around and feeling judgment from others. This will keep your motivation high and give you the patience to learn and grow in the gym.
  • Don’t get upset over little things. Personally, I tend to do this, and I can see how much it sets me back. Just be sure to remember to get back on track and keep going!

In conclusion, nobody should feel intimidated by the gym or incapable of achieving goals you set for yourself. Being motivated is a crucial first step in adapting to being active and maintaining consistency. As people say, when there’s a will there’s a way.

Emily Weiland

Winthrop '24

Hey! My name is Emily Weiland and I am a sophomore Business Administration major.