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Common Thoughts Every Winthrop Student Has In Starbucks

Don’t deny it, we all think the same things when waiting for our coffee, cake pop, or frappechino. Here are just a few common thoughts:


1. When you’re in line, have 7 minutes til class, know the line is gonna take forever, but you risk it anyways.


2. Emphasizing light (very little) cream, only for you to see a venti size glass of milk waiting for you with your name on it. 


3. When it’s not quite fall…or Christmas… but they have all the holiday cups and your day is instantly better.


4. When you’ve waited 10 minutes in line, are two people away from ordering, and hear they’re out of cold brew…Seriously. Like, seriously.


5.When it’s really fall, so you think you can drink hot coffee, but it’s 90 degrees so you suck it up and just sweat on the way to class.


6.When it’s too early in the semester to worry about cafe cash, so when the drink comes to be $6 you just don’t really know what to think.


7. When you’re in the middle of an essay, your coffee is three-quarters of the way full, your laptops about to be dead, and you remember the outlets don’t work.


8. When you’ve been sitting in Starbucks for over an hour and start eavesdropping on other people’s conversations.


9. When the random person comes and sits in the seat beside you when every other seat is available.


10. When your name is something basic and they mess up the name on the cup. For example “my name is Mallary not Marllery”..and it happens every time.


It’s basically the only close coffee shop other than Einsteins to fill out fix, but who cares right? As long as we get that Starbucks!

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