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The Best Combinations at Einstein’s Bros Bagels

Ladies, Einstein’s Bros Bagels is the holy grail of campus food spots. I am OBSESSED with Einstein’s! I go there, like, once a day. It’s an issue I’m not upset to have, but it means I’m pretty much a bagel pro at this point. If you haven’t discovered your go-to Einstein’s order, or you’re just looking for something to mix up your bagel routine, look no further! I’ve figured out some of the absolute BEST Einstein’s orders.

Bagel + Shmear

The classic Bagel + Shmear combo is a staple at Einstein’s. For my on-campus ladies, it’s usually on meal plans (it definitely is here!), and if it’s not, it’s usually one of the cheapest options. This is a great go-to breakfast option too! Some of my favorite combos include:

Chocolate Chip bagel with plain Shmear – Who doesn’t love warm, gooey chocolate mixed with soft, creamy cream cheese? I know I do!


Chocolate Chip bagel with Nutella – Do I even need to explain myself here? Nutella belongs on everything.


Chocolate Chip bagel with strawberry Shmear – I think you can see a pattern starting here. Chocolate chip bagels go with everything! It’s a fact of life!


Cinnamon Sugar bagel with Honey Butter – There is nothing better than a warm bagel covered in cinnamon sugar and absolutely dripping in melted butter mixed with honey. It’s one of the sweetest options at Einstein’s!


French toast bagel with Honey Butter – If this doesn’t scream “breakfast bagel” I honestly don’t know what does. It’s just like having French toast with syrup, but you can hold it in your hand without making a mess!


Asiago bagel with chive and onion Shmear – If you’re looking for something a little more savory, maybe for an afternoon pick-me-up bagel,


Everything bagel with chive and onion Shmear – Just pack on the flavor! This is one of the best


Plain bagel and any Shmear – This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just go with what your heart desires! There’s no messing up a plain bagel – I promise.


Specialty Bagels

If you’re feeling a little fancier and want to treat yourself to a bagel sandwich or another out of the box bagel there are some pretty tasty choices. My favorites are:

Bacon, egg, and cheddar on an asiago bagel – This breakfast sandwich is my ride or die breakfast bagel. The asiago bagel is so crispy and delicious, and who could pass up a classic bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich? (It also can come with sausage or no meat instead of bacon!)


Pizza bagel – There is no greater gift than eating pizza on a full-sized bagel. This specialty bagel is every last one of your bagel bite dreams come true, and it’s just as good as you always imagined.


Club sandwich – Okay so this technically doesn’t come on a bagel, but come on, it’s a club sandwich! It comes in turkey or ham, and it’s so so SO good!



Get adventurous ladies! Head to your local Einstein’s Bros Bagels and try out one of these combos!



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