Animal Cuteness Overload

Finals week has everyone feeling so many different emotions.


Personally, I know I feel like I’m drowning. But! I always know different ways to cheer myself up and one of those ways is looking at cute photos of animals. When you’re living in a dorm, it’s hard to come in contact with those cute animals you have waiting back at home for you, but no worries, I have collected some photos of cute animals which isn't better than the real thing, but it’s all we've got at the moment.

So take a quick break from finals stressing and enjoy the cute animals! 


A bunny with a backpack? I wish I looked that cute on my way to class.


A cat pushing a kitten in a mini shopping cart? Where can we sign up to make this a real thing?


It’s not even near Christmas time but I believe every day would be like Christmas when you have a tiny hedgehog in a tiny Santa hat.


THOSE EYES? I can’t even talk about this one because if I look at the photo too long I might cry from the extreme cuteness.


Some of you may not be rat people but I had pet rats and they’re literally the most lovable animals. Plus who can resist a pet rat playing a tiny saxophone with his tiny hands?


Perhaps the politest and tiniest bunny in existence?


Is there anything cuter than a tiny pig enjoying an ice cream on a hot day? No? I didn’t think so.


And lastly, a two part picture of a very satisfied and happy looking puppy! If only the real thing were here right now.

Now, you can either go back to studying for your finals or go back to the top of this post and start looking at the animals again, it’s up to you! But either way, let me leave you with this photo that isn’t 'really' a picture of an animal or season-appropriate but it makes me laugh so hopefully it'll make you laugh too!