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All You Need is a Little Faith and an Umbrella

Not one person is perfect, and you shouldn’t try to be. Not everything will go how you planned, but that’s what makes life all the more interesting. There are times when you can’t picture things going any better, and then there are also times when you think things can’t possibly get any worse. And they always do, don’t they?

You have really good days. Days where you look at yourself in the mirror and smile at your reflection because you are so happy with the person you have become despite the many obstacles that have tried to hinder you from loving yourself. But sometimes the good days fade, and a dark cloud will creep in and make it’s home right over your head.

When a bad day comes around, it doesn’t ever seem to just rain…it seems to freaking pour.

You start to think of all the things that you could be better at and how you don’t deserve certain things because you don’t exactly feel worthy of them. In moments like these, it seems that nothing and no one can pull you out from under that rain cloud. No matter how far you run, there it is still–lingering above you, dampening your self-confidence and your self-worth, drop, by drop, by drop. 

No, you don’t need someone to save you from this.

What you need is a little faith in yourself and an umbrella. 

My umbrella happens to be a person, my best friend actually, and someone I have the upmost respect for. She hovers over me on my bad days and reminds me that I deserve way more than I’m allowing myself to possess at that moment. She makes sure I know how worthy I am of happiness. No matter how much I want to be alone on those days, she grabs ahold of my hand and faces the storm with me. Regardless of how treacherous things may get, she encourages me to see the positives. She doesn’t ever give up on me, and teaches me that I shouldn’t give up on myself. 

So…find your umbrella.

Whether it be a person, an animal, a hobby, etc. it doesn’t matter. Find that one thing that pulls you out of your rut and reminds you how beautiful and worthy you are, because it’s true. You don’t deserve to “just be be content.” You deserve to overflow with joy. 

It’s okay to have bad days every once in a while…after all, the bad times make the good times so much better. So no matter how hard it might be, be thankful for the bad days, because without them we’d take the good ones for granted. Have you ever thought about that?

When the time comes and the sun replaces that dark cloud over your head like it’s done so many times before, look up, ignore that rain cloud and let the sun shine on your face. Give yourself credit where it’s due. After everything you’ve been through, you haven’t given up and that in itself is something to be proud of. Acknowledge your strength and be grateful for the circumstances that got you where you are today.

Love yourself for the capable woman you are and will continue to become. 

Remember Collegiettes: every storm runs out of rain eventually.

Keep your head high, and your umbrella higher. 

Maclane is a senior Integrated Marketing Communications major at Winthrop University from Columbia, SC. Most of her time is spent doing homework or working. Maclane is obsessed with pugs, but she's slightly more obsessed with her little brother who means the world to her. Pizza is her absolute favorite! More favorites include naps, time spent with her friends, and still laughing at a joke 5 minutes after it's told. Maclane is a phenomenal writer who is comfortable writing about uncomfortable subjects. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @maclaneriley and Snapchat: carleymacriley
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