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7 Tips To Help You Love Yourself

Ladies, it’s okay TO LOVE YOURSELF. Growing up, most of us were taught that feeling beautiful is considered self centered, that looking at ourselves in the mirror and telling ourselves we look great is egocentric. As a matter of fact, we put ourselves down regularly to avoid being thought of as self centered. Developing love for yourself is essential for your well being and the people that surround you. As women we need to care for each other and build one another up. Instead of finding our flaws and criticizing them, we should be falling in love with our quirks and finding our strengths. You are not committing a crime by embracing self love. Here are seven tips to help you love your authentic self!

SHOW GRATITUDE FOR WHO YOU ARE.When you wake up in the morning and you’re staring at yourself in the mirror, the first thing you need to do is smile. You are a work of art, now believe it and embrace it.

ACCEPT YOURSELF.Your roommate may have amazing blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair, BUT YOU have radiant brown eyes and curvy hips. She may be smart, but you are kind. Don’t ever compare yourself, everyone has different qualities that make them unique. Don’t be afraid to put a little bit of yourself into the world.

TREAT YOURSELF.You need to treat yourself just as kindly and thoughtfully as you treat others. Dedicate a day solely to yourself. It could be a day at the spa, or eating an ice cream with sprinkles. The most important thing is that you are dedicating that time to yourself. It is when we don’t take a step back that we burn ourselves out.

WRITE DOWN what you think of yourself. the inside and outside qualities. You need to know how amazing you truly are.

ELIMINATE NEGATIVE PEOPLE FROM YOUR LIFE.You don’t need people in your life who are constantly embarrassing and hurting your feelings. Remember that you are extremely special, and you should love yourself so much that you should dismiss that negative energy from your life.

FORGIVE YOURSELF.Don’t you dare put yourself down because you’ve made a mistake. No one is perfect and that’s what makes us human. Forgive yourself and look forward to how you can improve things. Look at the bright side.

IGNORE THE NEED FOR APPROVAL.Forget about what other people think of you. What do you think of yourself? The only thing that truly matters is how you view yourself. Know that you are kind, beautiful, and smart. When you love yourself other people’s approval and opinions become irrelevant. 

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