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7 Thoughts Every Collegiette Has During the First Week of School

Coming back from break is something all college students either dread or are somehow actually excited about it. It’s hard being away from your friends for so long, but it’s nice to have a break off of school. When you finally do come back and accept that break is over, it's so much fun catching with all of your friends. However there are tons of downsides to coming back, like unpacking all the heavy bags of clothes and shoes, buying books, and dreading the thought of new classes the next day. 

Here's a few:

The moment you see all your friends for the first time!

Then the thought of unpacking comes creeping in...

It's been 2 hours since you returned and you still haven’t touched your stuff because you would rather eat instead! #priorities

Once you finally start unpacking, you can't stop until everything is put away and organized perfectly.

Then you realize classes are tomorrow...

So you lay in bed and think about how much you want cuddles from your pet and mom's cooking and how much you DON'T want to do life...

But then you realize that everything will be okay and that you're going to have a great semester!

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