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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

Something about fall just invites warm food and memories into the home and kitchen! So, here are seven of the best recipes to try out this fall!

1. 5 – Minute Microwavable Pumpkin Donuts

Because pumpkins and donuts are always a good idea.

2. Crock Pot Chicken and Stuffing

This recipe is perfect for when you’re craving some warm, homecooked kind of deliciousness.

3. Baked Spaghetti

Lady and the Tramp style cutness meets classic Italian tastiness.

4. Fall Dip

This fall dip is sure to be a hit at any party. 

5. Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Bacon + potatoes + cheese = the best of fall soups.

6. Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and dumplins is the ultimate fall comfort food.  

7. Potato Patties

Basically the loaded potato soup in a different form (i.e. yet another form of potato perfection for you to enjoy.)

Happy fall and happy munching, Collegiettes!


Emily Grace Gill is a senior mass communication major with minors in business and theater. When she's not thinking about writing or traveling, she is befriending every dog she sees on campus.
Winthrop University is a small, liberal arts college in Rock Hill, SC.