6 Ways to Treat YOURSELF This Valentine's Day!

Single or not, there’s no better time to treat yourself than Valentine’s Day! Show yourself a little self-love and consider getting yourself a little something. Here’s a couple of super cute ideas for a gift you can give yourself!

A Spa Day

Whether you want to DIY a spa day, or treat yourself to a facial and massage in a walk-in spa, a spa day is a great gift to give yourself! A little rest and relaxation never hurt anyone, ladies! There are tons of ways to take your spa day. If you’re looking for someone to pamper you, a nice facial and a good back massage in a spa would be perfect for you! If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, or you just really love to DIY, whipping yourself up a sugar scrub, oatmeal mask, and jumping in the tub with candles and a bath bomb could give you the same effect!

A Sweet Treat

Who said chocolate is the only sweet you could get on Valentine’s Day? If you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth for Valentine’s Day there are endless options as to what you can give yourself. Edible arrangements, boxes of chocolate, homemade desserts, your favorite candy, milkshakes, slushies, you name it, it works! You don’t have to go all out for yourself either (unless you want to!). A slushy from the 711 around the corner works just the same as an expensive box of chocolates. Get what you love, and do what makes you happy!

A New Outfit

Or shoes, or new makeup, or a dress, or a new curling iron. The point is, treat yourself to a splurge item! Go out and get yourself a little retail therapy and grab something you’ve been eyeing for months, but never had a good enough reason to get! Even better, make it a day with your friends! Take a group shopping trip and treat yourselves to some shopping!

A Movie Night

Sometimes there’s nothing better than stuffing your face with popcorn and spending a couple hours immersed in a good movie. Is there a new movie in theatres you’ve been dying to see? Or maybe a new flick just hit Netflix and you want a good reason to sit on the couch and do nothing? Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse! Treat yourself to some junk food and some alone time and get your movie going!

A Picnic

This one’s even better, because it’s a two-in-one treat for yourself! Not only do you get to get out of the house and find a nice place to sit and enjoy nature, but you get to do it with your favorite foods! A picnic is a great way to get some time to yourself to just enjoy the world around you. You could even go for a walk or bring a pet. Just make sure there’s enough food for two if you do that!

A Day to Yourself

Ladies, I get it. A day to just chill and spend never leave bed can be the greatest gift of all. So give yourself one! Take a “me day” and do whatever you want! Stay in bed all day, binge watch Netflix, eat junk food, pet your cat, or just do nothing! Everyone deserves a day to themselves to reset and relax!

So to sum up, TREAT YOURSELF this Valentine's Day, Collegiettes! Love yourself and use some of these super cute ideas to make this the best V-Day you've ever had!