5 Stages of Getting Sick in College

Well, Collegiettes, it's that time of year again. 

Classes have started, the semester is in full swing, and people are getting sick. 

I, unfortunately, happen to be one of those very people. What started as a small tickle in my throat has progressed into a full-blown upper respiratory infection (yay me). It because of this that I wanted to share those telltale signs, those unmistakable feelings, those obvious stages we all go through when we get sick as college students. 

1. The Initial Symptom 

This symptom could be a tickle in your throat (like me) or that first sneeze, but as soon as it happens, you know you're in trouble. 

2. The Waiting Game 

After that first cough our sneeze, it's only a matter of time before a full blown cold shows up. 

3. Everything Hits at Once 

It always seems as if the headache, stuffy nose, cough, fever, and chills hit you all at the same time. 

4. You Just Want Someone to Take Care of You 

Whether it's your mom, dad, best friend, or significant other, at this you feel so bad that all you want is to be take care of. 

5. If Finally Passes

You're finally feeling better, and now all you can think about is trying not to get sick again any time soon. 

Collegiettes, as flu season nears, make sure you have your tissues, NyQuil, and hand sanitizer ready!