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14 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Miss America Pageant

On September 11th, the 2017 Miss America Pageant was aired on ABC where the 96th Miss America was crowned in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Between the star-studded judges panel and the stunning 52 contestants, The Miss America Pageant was equipped with talent, style and a lot of sparkle. Millions tuned in to see which one of America’s most well-rounded women would become the next Miss America. 

Here are 14 thoughts I had while watching the Miss America Pageant!

1. *Tailgates for Miss America because this is the Super Bowl of pageants.* (and by tailgate I mean grab some popcorn for the show!)

2. Can Ciara and Gabby Douglas compete for title of Miss America? Because they sure both look like a Miss America to me!

3. I can’t even believe how good they look…when the pre-show footage was filmed during a hurricane and the contestants still look flawless.

4. *Eats pizza while watching the swim suit competition.*

5. If these girls can walk in six inch heels in a swimsuit in front of millions of people, I can walk to class without tripping on my own feet.

6. If I had the body of these women, I would walk down the beach in my bathing suit all day, every day.

7. These evening gowns are breathtaking.

8. Simple, sophisticated and sassy Savvy Shields.

9. *Miss South Carolina walks on stage in evening gown–drops mic.* 

10. Can I get married in Miss Mississippi’s talent gown?

11. Work that tutu, Miss Iowa.

12. The on-stage question portion of the competition makes me nervous and I’m not even competing.

13. The fact that these women can answer these on-stage questions in front of millions of people and be so articulate in their answers blows my mind. #ladybosses

14. I don’t know what’s more nerve wracking—the crowning moment, or my final exams.

Congratulations to Miss South Carolina, Rachel Wyatt, for winning first-runner-up, and Savvy Shields, Miss Arkansas, for being crowned Miss America 2017! We can’t wait to see what you do with your title! 


Miss Lake Keowee USA 2017 // @hcwinthrop IG: @addy_hicks Twitter: @hicks_addy
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