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10 Thoughts I Had During The “Grey’s Anatomy” Mid-Season Premiere

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

As all loyal Grey’s fans know, any finale on the show is a nail-biter. And, a couple of months ago, creator Shonda Rhimes left us hanging about whether or not our beloved Alex Karev was going to serve time. In true Shonda form, there was an entirely different plot and we didn’t find out Alex’s fate until the last few minutes. Here are a few things that ran through my mind during this intense episode. Warning: spoilers ahead.

1. Wait a minute, are they going to a…prison? Yikes.

2. Dr. Bailey’s face when Jo Wilson told her that they do a strip-search on Orange Is The New Black is absolutely priceless.

3. Actually, Bailey’s face the entire walk through the prison is hilarious. The woman wears her heart on her sleeve.

4. Those signs on the inmate’s door are actually terrifying…I would’ve just dipped. I mean, the signs literally tell you the inmate has violent tendencies. Big ups to Robbins, Wilson and Bailey for even sticking around, let alone treating the inmate.

5. Me, upon finding out the inmate is a 16 year old girl who looks like she couldn’t hurt a fly…

6. …and then me when she broke the prison doctor’s fingers with one fell swoop.

7. I appreciate Jo’s efforts to console this girl and try to put herself in the girl’s shoes, but it kind of backfired when the girl revealed she grew up super privileged.

8. My heart when the girl’s mom showed up but told Robbins she would never allow the girl to see the baby.


9. My face when the prison doctor kind of put Dr. Bailey in her place after Dr. Bailey criticized her for being short on resources (it was a calculated blow at how prisons are struggling to take care of their inmates. Good one, Shonda).

10. And just when you think you’ve had a relatively stress-free episode of Grey’s, when you think to yourself, “hey, for once I’ve escaped pretty much unscathed by typical Shonda Rhimes despair”, you learn that Alex is TAKING A PLEA BARGAIN AND IS GOING TO PRISON. 

Well, Colliegettes, I hope we can all cling to each other as Shonda puts us through the wringer each week. I mean, it’s Alex Karev, he can’t be locked up, can he? I guess we’ll just have to push through the agony and stay tuned.

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