I’m about to make your life better. You have been missing something. You feel… empty. But what could possibly fill the hole in your heart? Maybe… friends? True love? Finally getting a therapist and dealing with your long suppressed emotional turmoil? No! It’s Sir Babygirl! (But maybe look into that therapy situation.)


So... why listen? Let me tell you. Similar to King Princess (whom I also adore), Sir Babygirl is a queer singer who kicks ass. She is bisexual, refers to herself as a “futch b*tch” (feminine butch) and uses she/her, they/them, and he/him pronouns. Who doesn’t love some good ole representation?! So far, Sir Babygirl only has a couple songs out right now. HOWEVERher first album, “Crush on Me,” drops February 15th and it will be amazing.


To get you all started on your path to a world of queer artists, here is a link to my current favorite song by Sir Babygirl, “Haunted House.” To check out more of her unapologetic style and badassery, here is the link to her Instagram profile as well.


Queer or not, Sir Babygirl makes music that is fun for everyone. Go. Listen. Be free.

P.S. Sir Babygirl doesn’t give a F*CK about societal norms or any negative sh*t. Neither should you. You rock.


Photo Source: @sir_babygirl on Instagram