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Where to Score the Best Cup of Joe This National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day is on September 29. I love coffee, whether it be a latte, cappuccino, frappuccino or just a good iced coffee. So, September 29 is practically a holiday in my eyes. I have traveled all over the world trying coffee drinks from many different places. I’ve tried coffee drinks from Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, California and Australia. I will go over some of my favorite places and the drinks I got. 


I’ve been to many different coffee shops in Minnesota but two of my favorites are Litchfield Coffee Company and Mugby Junction in Winona. Litchfield Coffee Company is a very small coffee shop that is attached to a bike repair shop. It is in my hometown of Litchfield, and this is the only Litchfield Coffee Company there is. My favorite drink from there is an iced mocha, which is a shot of espresso, milk and mocha sauce. My other favorite place is Mugby Junction in Winona. Mugby is a cute little coffee shop with many different drink choices. My favorite drink is an iced vanilla latte; this is a shot of espresso, milk and vanilla syrup. Both of these coffee shops are great because they have some great coffee and cute little shops. 


In California, I went to one specific coffee shop that I fell in love with instantly. It was called Philz Coffee. This is a chain with only 52 locations, mostly in California. Philz is a very unique coffee shop because you get to create your coffee as if you were to create a sub at Subway. You start with the grounds, then milk or cream and so on, although they do have some creations as well. When I went to Philz, I got one of their most popular creations—the Mint Mojito. This drink had a medium roast coffee brewed, fresh mint, sweetener and cream. This drink was very unique, and I had never had anything like it. It has remained as one of my favorite coffee drinks and I look forward to the day I get to have another drink from Philz Coffee. 



In Australia, I went to a famous coffee shop called Coffee Alchemy. I ended up only going because of how popular these coffee shops are in Australia. I went to the Coffee Alchemy in Sydney, Australia. I know there are a few all throughout Australia. At the shop, I got just a vanilla cream iced coffee. It was one of the best iced coffees that I have ever had. The coffee shop itself was very cute and I would love to be able to go back one day to get that drink again. 



Two of my favorite places to get coffee are Caribou Coffee and Starbucks. These are two very big chains that are located all throughout the world. I have been to numerous different locations for both of these places. They have some of the best coffee drinks, in my opinion. Caribou and Starbucks are very similar. Both shops sell the same drinks for every chain they have. They both have huge menus and each store has the same design or logos. Now getting into the actual drinks. Starting with Caribou, I have had many different drinks with some being good and some being bad. My by-far favorite drink is a vanilla cold press with almond milk. This was a drink a friend told me to try, and I am so glad I did because now it is one of my favorite iced coffees to get. The cold press is just their cold brew coffee. Caribous have really cute shops that have a real Midwestern vibe to them. Starbucks is similar to Caribou with having a huge variety of drinks. Starbucks is a little bit more common and has a bigger chain of coffee shops. My favorite drink from Starbucks is the iced white chocolate mocha. This is a drink that has espresso, milk, vanilla, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. 



If you couldn’t tell, I love coffee. A lot of places also have great coffee, but these were just a few of my favorites. Also, these places I mentioned have other great drinks besides my personal favorites. I am super excited and always eager to travel to more coffee shops around the world. Although to most people National Coffee Day is just another day, to me it is an excuse to have a lot of coffee so I can’t wait for September 29!

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