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Thanks For Saying That: National Compliment Day

Considering all the turmoil going on all around us, National Compliment Day can encourage all of us to take some time to think about the people in our lives that don’t get as many compliments as they should. Here are the top people that could use a compliment this upcoming Sunday!


1. Your Mom

She works way too hard, but still makes time for those heart-to-hearts you need while stumbling your way through a quickly changing world. There’s nothing better than getting a hug from your mom when you need it. Remind her how wonderful she is and that you acknowledge what she does. Tell her how much you admire her.


2. Your Dad

He’s big and tall. He’s gotten a lot calmer now that you’re out of the house. And he’s now cool with that boyfriend of yours that you didn’t tell him about for a few months. Remind him that you love him or that you love his new (insert newly acquired gadget). He’s just happy to spend time with you.


3. Your Sibling(s)

I know this can be hard, looking back at the hair-pulling and the fighting that comes with growing up with a sibling. But you’re both grown up now, and they’ve become your best friend. Let them know when their hair looks great or that their outfit is cute.


4. Your Friends

You may not be able to see your friends because of COVID, but long texts and Netflix watch parties have kept your group together. It helps to have someone that understands when you’re complaining about work or school. Take the time to compliment what you love about them, like their dazzling smile or sense of humor. Let them know that you care.


5. Your Significant Other

They’re your teddy bear at the end of a long day. They shower you with compliments, even when you feel like crap. You could be in sweatpants and they’d still call you beautiful. Tell them how handsome/pretty they are,  how you love their passion for life or the way they laugh when it’s just the two of you.


6. Your Teachers

It’s been a long time coming for teachers and professors to receive the praise they deserve. Being a teacher is already hard, and online school only adds to the things on their plate. Remind them that they are appreciated and damn hard working. There is a reason that they are a part of America’s education system and they show that every time they help a student learn something new.


7. Yourself

Don’t be shy! Self-love is what we aim for. It is not conceited to compliment yourself when you look stunning or even when you feel like human garbage. Make it part of your daily mantra. You are beautiful, talented and your hair looks great. You are healthy and radiant.


National Compliment Day like any other holiday serves as a reminder of the people who make our lives wonderful. We should all take some time to compliment our loved ones more than just on this holiday. We need to let them know we care while they’re still here to enjoy life with us. I hope your day is filled with compliments and praise galore! 


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