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The Purrfect Feed: 8 of the Best Cat Instagrams to Follow

I will be the first to admit it: I am indeed a crazy cat lady. I have far too many pairs of cat socks than even I would like to fully admit, a black cat shirt I should probably only wear on Halloween but definitely wear year-round, and an Instagram absolutely filled to the brim with adorable cat accounts. For those of you who have a beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing feed that is mesmerizing to scroll through every day, I applaud you. My daily feed is the farthest thing from that. I use my Instagram mainly for keeping up with everyone, low-key flexing on my followers with selfies and all the cool things I do (whoops didn’t mean to say that out loud), and, of course, ogling at cat pictures galore. Meow we’re talking.            


For all my crazy cat ladies out there who are in need of some recommendations of accounts to follow, here is the purrfect list for you:     


Lil Bub can be seen with her lil’ tongue out in just about every picture. She is far too precious not to make the list. Lil Bub suffers from a lot of different diseases and disorders, from extreme dwarfism to extra digits. However, none of these setbacks stop Lil Bub from living her best life. She was also featured in a documentary and multiple podcasts made by her owner!



Princess Cheeto is the biggest pop icon cat model of our generation. She is beauty, she is grace, and she is a cat model. What more could you ask for? Princess Cheeto’s dad adopted her and has been photographing her with pop culture style modern shoots ever since. Princess Cheeto is everything I want to be in life and more. Period.



Waffles is another internet sensation. He is a Scottish Fold, so his little ears hide behind his cute little face. Waffles had a hard time getting adopted as a kitten because so many people thought he looked weird. But when his mom and dad found him, Waffles’ life changed forever. And now, he is loved by millions! Waffles has been featured in movies, commercials, magazines, and so much more. Waffles inspires you to always believe in yourself even when no one else will.



Suki the adventure cat is a beautiful Bengal. Although she is from Canada, she can be seen traveling the world with her owners via their adorable travel backpack for cats or roaming the land on her leash. She has been all around the world and is high-key living a way better life than me. I’m not jealous, though…



Juno is a precious little cat who loves to adventure; although not as much as Suki, she’s still always up for an adventure. Juno had to have her eyes removed when she was a very small kitten due to trauma after her birth, but this has never stopped Juno from doing what she loves, making her an inspiration to all her followers.



Shrampton is just bad and boujee, so I had to add him to the list. Shrampton can often be seen sitting in an upright position with his little pudgy belly spilling over and wearing a bowtie of some sort. I have a soft spot for Scottish Folds, so Shrampton has found a special place in my heart and just about everyone else’s who follows him as well.



For both cat and dog lovers out there, @pitterpatterfurryfeet features Alice, Finnegan, and Oliver. Alice and Finnegan are two precious cats who live with their dog brother Oliver. Alice is the calm before the storm and Finnegan is the storm himself. Thankfully, Alice and Finnegan balance out each other’s very different personalities. Alice, Finnegan, and Oliver are all featured on @pitterpatterfurryfeet in beautiful and whimsical images that never fail to amaze me.




JT Catsby is a precious Munchkin cat who can be seen sporting adorable little bowties everywhere he goes. JT never fails to make me want to drop everything and go adopt every Munchkin cat in the world and dress them in bowties. Going by JT for short (pun not intended), his owners say even though he is small, he has a huge personality.



There are endless cat account paw-sibilities out there that you can follow but these are my eight essential accounts every cat lover needs to follow!


For those of you who just aren’t really feelin’ the felines, check out this article featuring the best Instagram dog accounts written by one of our very own Winona State Her Campus writers!   


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