Cure Your “Ruff” Day by Following These Dog Instagram Accounts

I use Instagram for a lot of things. Whether it's posting my new haircut or stalking my ex repeatedly, I seem to find myself clicking on the colorful app icon quite a lot. While scrolling through my feed on my account, I tend to see a lot of cute puppies. Throughout the years, I have found many dog accounts that warm my heart every time they post. I have shared these accounts with other dog lovers, one in particular being my mom. I got her hooked as soon as I showed her Doug the Pug. Now, she’s the one who shows me dog accounts.


For my fellow dog lovers out there, here is a list of my favorite dog accounts on Instagram.


Famous Dogs: These pups are basking in the spotlight and have over one million followers on Instagram. Don’t forget to check out their adorable merch!


  • Doug (@itsdougthepug)

This adorable pug is on the ‘gram sporting many adorable outfits, no matter the occasion. Doug is so famous that he is often seen posing with celebrities like Halsey, Nick Cannon, and Brendon Urie. He also has merch such as his own book, plushies of himself, and backpacks.

  • Marnie (@marniethedog)

Marnie is known for her tongue that is always iconically sticking out of the side of her mouth. This Shih-Tzu has almost two million followers and was adopted as a senior. Like Doug, she has many adorable outfits that will make you smile from ear-to-ear.

  • Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart)

Tuna never fails to make me smile with her adorable underbite. Her unique face makes for hilariously cute pictures with equally great captions. Her mom wrote a book about her journey called The Underdog with the Overbite.


Dogs with disabilities: These dogs might have had some struggles in the past, but they are still making others smile every day.


  • Yogurt (@th3piratedogs)

This one-eyed chihuahua is a rescue pup cleverly nicknamed “the pirate dog.” Yogurt almost always has her tongue stuck out of her mouth, which makes her even more adorable. There are also other dogs that pop up on her account every once in a while—the more dogs, the merrier!

  • Turbo (@turboroo)

Often found under #nublove, this cute pooch was born with only two legs. He sports two front wheels sometimes, but most of the time he fights life with only two paws. Along with posting adorable pictures and videos of Turbo, Turbo’s owner advocates for the adoption of handicapped pets.

  • Odie (@odieseyes)

Odie is a therapy dog with no eyes. This Shih-Tzu sports adorable outfits and helps many people by him just being himself. He was rescued and is often seen napping with his bestie, Gracie.


Pit Bulls: This is a personal pick because I love pit bulls, but all these pitties are just too adorable not to share. A lot of these accounts are dedicated to spreading the message that pit bulls are kind and friendly, not aggressive as they are often portrayed.


  • Mo (@mothescreamingstaffy)

Mo is a Pit Bull with an adorable quirk. While most dogs bark, this pittie screams. Don’t believe me? Check out his account for videos of his beautiful scream and much more.

  • Willie (@williepierogiplatypus)

This loving dog was rescued from a dog fighting ring. While many may assume this means he is aggressive, he is actually quite the opposite. He loves pets, fun outfits, and “woo woo Wednesdays.”


Personal Favorites: These dogs never fail to make me smile.


  • Henry and Kiki (@henryloveskiki)

This account focuses on a pair of inseparable dachshunds. These dogs are soulmates and you can tell by the number of kisses Henry gives Kiki. Looking at all their posts will make you want to find someone who loves you as much as Henry loves Kiki.

  • Mister Bubz (@misterbubz)

This dog is about as feisty as they come. Despite his small size, he is always ready to fight. His posts are captioned with hilarious rants mostly about how everyone should bow down to him. He became a meme a while ago, and I fell in love with him.

  • Finn (@keepingfinn)

Finn and his dad are always on the move. As they are traveling around the world, we get to see their incredible journey. Every day, Finn’s dad posts an Instagram story of Finn eating breakfast to great music with amazing scenery.


I could go on and on, but I thought it would be better to share some classic dog accounts to get you started.

Have a (p)awesome day!


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