National Curves Day: 3 Influencers Who Boost My Self-Confidence (& Can Boost Yours Too!)

This time last year, I wrote a piece on a topic that has remained near and dear to my heart: body positivity. Writing the portions of last year’s article that focused on size representation in 21st-century media led me to some magnificent role models in the content-creating community, both on YouTube and Instagram. 


So, for National Curves Day, which falls on October 10 this year, I wanted to write an article highlighting three of my favorite content creators who, like me, try to spread a message of body positivity and genuine self-love. I’ll also be linking a few must-see videos and posts from each creator to boost your own self-confidence.


1.  Carrie Dayton


When I first started watching Carrie’s channel, I immediately connected with her biggest struggle that she has while shopping. Carrie classifies herself as a “mid-size” body, which can also be described as someone who typically doesn’t fit in standard, “straight” sizes but doesn’t have the proportions to wear most plus-size clothes, either. This can leave people like Carrie and I feeling like we’re in a desert wasteland looking for clothes when we deserve to have enough options that make it feel like an oasis. 


And that’s just not the case.


But through the months I’ve been subscribed to Carrie, I’ve also been able to subscribe to the idea that I am not the primary issue in the equation. With super empowering hashtags like #LoseHateNotWeight and #CelluLIT on her Instagram, Dayton has helped her followers reframe their issues with self-esteem and body insecurities into a problem that can be tackled with a new mindset. To follow that point, she’s super hilarious and candid about clothes that DON’T work for her but always makes sure to emphasize the point that it’s the clothes’ fault, not yours!


Speaking of clothes, another big perk of following her is the endless outfit-inspo! 


Must-See IG: THIS! Praise hands all the way!

Must-See YouTube Videos: “What I Do on Low Confidence Days” and “How I Became Confident in My Body


2.  Sierra Schultzzie


I was led to this YouTuber by watching Carrie and now—small world—they are friends and collaborate on body-positive content together. Because I already loved them both separately, seeing these two beautiful and b*d*ss women collaborate with this topic in mind is a dream come true for me. 


Schultzzie is similar to Dayton with her empowered perspective on fashion and size inclusivity. She also recently started a podcast with her best friend Skylar where they talk about all things related to this. Sierra doesn’t shy away from posting “embarrassing” dressing room debacles; in fact, she encourages everyone to embrace those moments so on days when they’re in need of a good laugh, they can look back at some fitting room fails and realize how awesome they truly are, regardless of the number or letter on the tags. 


Schultzzie’s Instagram is also chock-full of fashion inspo and other inspiring posts about her authentic journey through the creator community.


Must-See IG: THIS! It comes from a recent review of Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line, SKIMS, and combines a style of review that I love—brutally honest—with footage of her dancing to another icon, Lizzo!

Must-See YouTube Videos: “Trying a Size 12 at 12 Different Stores” and “Recreating Iconic Celebrity Photos 3” (this one makes me cry every time)


3.  Vanessa Manley


Lastly, there’s Vanessa Manley. She shares many qualities with Carrie and Sierra, but her videos lean a lot more toward hauls of inclusive and non-inclusive brands so that her viewers can have informed opinions before making purchases. I always make sure to check her accounts before I go on a shopping spree to see what this body-posi babe recently bought (and then usually add it to my cart ASAP).


My favorite thing about Vanessa is that during her videos, she’s very honest about the clothes and when she’s really feeling herself, she’ll chant her mantra:

Aye, I’m feeling cute, aye, I’m feeling cute.

She has such an exuberant personality that comes across in everything she does and says, especially on her socials.


She also does a great job explaining how she portrays confidence through her modeled posts but recognizes that a big part of her confidence is knowing her angles and flaunting what she’s got, baby!


Must-See IG: THIS! She is so beautiful and informative about how to put your best foot forward—literally—when wanting to showcase inner beauty on the outside!

Must-See YouTube Videos: “Forever21 Plus Sale Haul” and “Recreating Insta Baddies' Pictures


I hope reading this piece brought about feelings of self-confidence and caused another part of your body to curve: your lips into a smile! But also…


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