Mindful Movement: Yoga with You in Mind

Sometimes you just know that you need an escape. You need a vacation somewhere far away. Your “want” becomes a “need” very fast without you even understanding exactly what it is you want. Maybe it's not a physical escape you need but rather a mental escape from it all. An excellent way to channel your inner well-being is through the practice of Yoga. Yoga can be traced back to about 5,000 years ago, but some say Yoga may date back to even 10,00 years ago! The practice has expanded substantially over time and has grown into various developments of Yoga to meet the needs of many individuals. Finding your inner stability through Yoga can be an overwhelming yet wholeheartedly satisfying experience.

Mindful Movement for Stress Reduction is a free 4-week session that will lead you through yoga-based movement, breathwork and mindfulness to reduce stress while supporting: focus and presence, connection with self, empowered choice-making and self-calming. It is truly a well-rounded experience to bring the mind back into focus as we continue to accomplish the tasks of each day.

This series is open to all students experiencing stress, but it is designed specially to support students who are suffering from depression, anxiety, disordered eating, substance abuse and/or post-traumatic stress symptoms. Yoga instructor Mollee Sheehan will be leading the classes accompanied by Therapist Jennifer McHugh. Each class will last about an hour and a half with time for reflection.

The series will meet Mondays at 7:30 p.m. beginning March 20th - April 10th downtown at Infinity Yoga Studio, 119 W. 3rd Street.


For more information or to sign-up, contact Heather Gerdes [email protected] or by phone at 507-457-2225.