A Letter to My Parents: An Original Poem


Dear mom, 




sometimes I take you for granted.


I can be ungrateful for all you do


and the love you give me.


I am who I am because of you.


You have shown me to keep pushing,


to work for what I want in life.


“It’s not always easy,


It doesn’t always turn out how you want it to,”


but you tell me to keep going anyway.


I am always thankful for you—


I love you Madre.


Dear dad, 


I took our time together for granted.


I rolled my eyes; 


I didn’t understand how hard it was for you.


You were always trying,


but I couldn’t understand.


Now I realize that it was never easy.


We try to understand why you had to leave so soon.


Why God decided to take you,


of all people,


Yet we’ll never truly know.


You are loved


and missed dearly.


Dad, you are always in my heart.


Love, your princess