It’s Quaran(time) to Find New Music: A Look Into My Top Songs for a Stay-At-Home Jam Sesh

Being that I’m currently stuck in my house with lots of extra time on my hands, I thought it would be fitting to do some digging to find new music to add to my punny, quarantine-themed playlist. I’ve been trying to expand my music horizons, so this playlist is truly all over the board. Though it’s only seven songs so far, I’m proud of what I’ve found and would love to share!


1. “More Hearts Than Mine”- Ingrid Andreas

I first heard this song on American Idol when one of the contestants sang it in Hawaii for a showcase. Though personally I didn’t completely enjoy the performance, I loved the lyrics and wanted to look into it! If you’re into sappy, country love songs, I suggest giving this a listen!


2. “Drive All Night (Acoustic Live)”- NEEDTOBREATE

This song is so wonderful! Before listening, I was somewhat familiar with NEEDTOBREATHE’s other music, but had never heard this one! I have absolutely loved driving to this song with my windows down on a sunny day!


3. “Heaven”- Citizen Shade

All I can say is wow. This man’s voice is extremely unique, and the lyrics of this song are raw and so real, which I appreciate! If you don’t know Citizen Shade’s soulful and upbeat presence, he is comparable to John Legend or Sam Smith! Before listening to Heaven, I only knew one song by him: “Lover, Don’t Leave,” which I also highly recommend listening to!


4. “Caroline”- Animal Years

This is my favorite song on the playlist! Animal Years is a new band to me, and I absolutely love them! They remind me of Mumford and Sons as they have the same folk-rock vibe. Along with “Drive All Night,” I have enjoyed listening to this song in the car with the windows down!


5. “You Feel Like Home”- Hills x Hills

Listen to this song at night! It has an upbeat tempo with a hint of nostalgia, which makes listening to it at night so special. The depth of the lyrics truly tugs at my heartstrings and makes me long for something great!


6. “Where the Shadow Ends (Acoustic)”- BANNERS

BANNERS is incredible! I am very familiar with his music, so when he released this song at the end of March, I jumped onto Spotify. I was ecstatic to listen, and I was not disappointed! I cannot explain how his voice just carries this unbelievable airiness to it, which is unique to anything I’ve heard before. I have loved listening to this song at the end of the day when I’m winding down!


7. “Lake Rita”- Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon

Jeremiah was a contestant on American Idol a few years back, and I have followed him ever since! He is definitely my favorite voice on this playlist, and this song showcases his beautiful range. Side note: I very highly recommend watching his American Idol audition, where he sang his own song “Almost Heaven,” which is now featured on his new album!


Overall, I have been beyond inspired by this music I’ve found! During a time where inspiration has been running dry, music has been a great way to cope with the repetitiveness of the season!