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Guydance: Party Girl or Driven Girl?

Dear Guydance,

Are college guys generally more interested in the party girl or the driven girl?


Dear Anon,

There’s no clear cut answer to this anon, but the best advice I can give you is that being driven will take priority over being a party girl. Any guy won’t care if you can’t go out because of a big test tomorrow or have group work that needs to be done. But when you’re not being studious so you can go out and continue to make bad decisions, some judgement may be thrown your way.

The most attractive girls tend to have it all together with their priorities set straight. We can’t help but swoon towards ladies whose hair comes down during the night.

With that being said, don’t be turned off to having a good time. With all the stress of that latest group project, preparing for your spring break trip, and Becky, who just got an A on a test she didn’t study for, you deserve some time to let loose and lose yourself in some festivities.

I promise you that if you start finishing your work before you go out, you will feel happier, look happier, and bring any deserving guy to his knees begging for a chance with you.

-Jake George



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