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Grey’s Anatomy Living Room Workout

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winona chapter.

Are you more of a Netflix and a gallon of ice cream, than gym and a protein shake type of person? Here is the ultimate Grey’s Anatomy living room workout to get some exercise in while still binge-watching TV and crying over your favorite characters.


Each time a crash cart is used – 5 Bear crawls  

When two or more people get into an argument – 10 crunches


Every time a patient dies – 5 Burpees  

Whenever someone hooks up in an on-call room – 10 Push-ups


Every time a character gets drunk – 10 Jumping jacks  

Each time a main character’s child is on-screen – 10 Squats


Whenever someone makes a mistake in surgery – 10 Lunges  

Whenever a character cries – 30-second wall sit


Every time someone is paged – 10 Leg lifts  

Whenever the characters dance it out – 30-second-high knees


Every time a patient goes missing – 15 jump squats

Each time there is a mass casualty – 30-second bicycle kick

When a past character returns – 30-second ice climbers

And when a main character dies – 2 30-second Planks


Happy Workout!

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