The Great Minnesota EAT Together

The Minnesota State Fair is an extremely popular event. Many Minnesotans recognize it as “The Great Minnesota EAT Together”. There is no doubt that this is true from the amount of people you can see eating as you walk up and down the streets. Here are some of the foods my family and I eat every year at the fair:


The first thing we eat every year is the pork chop on a stick.

This year we tried one of the new foods, candied bacon donut sliders. I would highly recommend these to everyone! They are my new favorite food at the fair. They are in the Minnesota Wine Country building.  

One of the more unhealthy foods we eat every year are the deep fried candy bars. The first image is of deep fried Reeses. If you like sweet, those would be perfect. The image below it is of deep fried 3 Musketeers. This is not as sweet and, personally, I think it is the better of the two.


This is the deep fried alligator and hush puppies that are known as the “Big Gator”. The alligator is chewy, salty and delicious! The hush puppies are part of the reason I get this from Bayou Bob’s.

Another new food we tried where the deep fried grilled cheese bites. They were good, but in my opinion, they were just glorified cheese curds.

The last food we get are the cheese curds. However, we only get them from the stand on Dan Patch.

There is many more wonderfully greasy foods at the fair. Weather you are more adventurous or just go with the normal "fair food", there is something for you to eat at the “Great Minnesota EAT Together”!