Gratefulness: Getting into the Spirit of Thanksgiving

We as people can’t help but live in a society that takes us by a whirlwind. 


With so many places to go, people to see, and surrounded by so many other busy aspects of daily life such as work and school, it is inevitable that we take a lot of things for granted. More importantly, we seem to overlook the small things that so desperately crave our affection. When we’re always in a mindset of “What’s next?” in looking towards the future and things we have to accomplish, we don’t truly appreciate the present things in our daily life—which may be good health, stable relationships with friends and loved ones or a supply of food or source of income. 


While we don’t intentionally stop and take a moment to appreciate those things, many people around this world can’t check off even three of the boxes. 


So this Thanksgiving, it is time to really think about the things you have and are blessed with, even if it doesn’t feel like a huge impact. I know that this holiday season may consist of a different format in family gatherings for some—maybe there are people who don’t get to see their loved ones due to COVID restrictions, illness or fretted relationships. We have to acknowledge that sometimes we are privileged and placed in less worrisome situations than others may be. If you are in a warm, happy home this Thanksgiving: count your blessings because you are safe and sheltered from the harsh conditions of winter. 


If you are eating a big turkey and mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner—be thankful that you have the resources to buy and enjoy a beautiful meal with your loved ones. And if you are enjoying the holidays with your family and relatives...know that you are very blessed to have them with you as, I know there are people who have family who may not even be with them.


Gratitude is something that is so easy to practice—it just takes a shift in mindset and taking a good look around you. 


It is also essential because focusing our perspective on the special things in life helps bring us up in challenging times. 


When we spend too much time focusing on wants or things we cannot have currently, we may bring ourselves down and cause negative feelings and/or a desire for more stuff that can never be satisfied. 


So this Thanksgiving, please take the time to remind yourself to be humble with the things that you have, and appreciate what you normally take for granted.