Francisco Angel: Creator of Winona State’s Very Own TV Show

Did you know Winona State has its very own TV show? This semester Francisco Angel has created an awesome TV show, and the setting is based right here at our very own Winona State University.  Her Campus had the pleasure of interviewing Francisco Angel to get the scoop on this new hit!

HC (Her Campus Winona): Tell us a little about yourself!

Francisco Angel (FA): I am a freshman here at Winona State and a Psychology Major. I was born and raised in Austin, Minnesota (a.k.a. Spam Town). I have always tried to be different and creative; I was never really afraid to try new things and fail. I went to Pacelli Catholic High School back in Austin. I was very involved in school events such as choir, theater, sports, student council, etc. In my freshman year, my Religion teacher assigned us a project that could be done however we wanted, but it had to be something we had never tried before. My group decided to do a short film and from that moment, I fell in love with it. I loved the different talents and aspects involved with filmmaking. I also love to write, so bringing these characters and worlds from paper to the real world is so amazing.

HC: What is your TV show about?

FA: HIDDEN revolves around the idea that there are people around the world who have enhanced abilities that we would call “super powers.” The setting is here at Winona State University with a group of these “enhanced” individuals. They form this group because they want to master their abilities and figure out where they came from. At the same time, they discover another group of “enhanced” individuals that is actually a cult - an extremist cult. The show revolves around them learning about their powers, dealing with this cult, trying to live their personal lives, and work in college. These characters don’t have it easy.

HC: Who are your actors/actresses?

FA: The main cast consists of Jack Larson, Craig Schapekahm, Annika Knox, Sam Herr, and myself but there are many others involved. In fact, if anyone is interested in being in it, I will find a spot whether big or small.

HC: How can we watch it?

FA: YouTube! That is the platform I am releasing the series through. If you just search Francisco Angel, I am the first thing that pops up!

HC: What inspired you to create a TV show about Winona State University?

FA: I really wanted to take a more gritty and realistic approach to the “superhero” genre seen in TV and movies. These characters are not looking to become superheroes at all; they don’t want fame, costumes, or superhero nicknames. They are very much on the down low. They’re also not overpowered or experts in their skill sets at all. I love Winona’s campus and thought it was a perfect setting for the story as well as filming. I also wanted it to be relatable to the age group and hey, we’re all in college! I also realize that there are only so many parts in the school plays. There are a lot of people (actors, singers, photographers, composers, etc.) who don’t get the chance to express their talents, and by doing this, I really want to showcase their gifts as well as deliver a good story.

HC: Who helps you with creating/producing/directing?

FA: I write, edit, direct, and produce the series. It’s really difficult at times because I’m the driving force that gets everything rolling and on track. I do have some help, however; Billy Staley is our Director of photography and is providing the camera work. Alec Downing is composing original music for the series. Just recently, Wesley Holm reached out to me offering help. So there are talented people behind the camera, as well as in front.

HC: Have you created anything like this before?

FA: Yes and no. This past summer I released a short film titled Harley’s Choice. It was the biggest project I have ever done, taking me a whole year to make. While this project has taken time, it is not as extreme of preparation as that short was. However, I haven’t had to deal with creating original music, characters, and story all at once, so that is exciting.

HC: How often do you make episodes for us to tune in to?

FA: There is no definitive schedule to the episode releases; they are just released when they are ready. I do, however, notify everyone I can through my social media outlets.  

Here is more information to learn about Francisco Angel and tune into his episodes through his YouTube channel!

Francisco’s Channel:

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Instagram: @franniangel5