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Autumn marks the beginning of cuffing season. For whatever reason, the nip in the air and the orange, crunching leaves on the ground make everyone go wild for relationships. And it’s not hard to see why––fall is the beginning of the holiday season. 

Everyone wants to fall in love this season, so here are some perfect dates to start a budding relationship or reignite an old spark. And don’t worry––if you’re in a long distance relationship, there are some options for you here, too.

  1. Pumpkin Patch

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I think of when it comes to fall dates is going to a pumpkin patch. Whether you visit a small local patch or a large commercial one, going to a pumpkin patch can be a super fun and relaxing day. Some patches may even include a corn maze, hayride, or petting zoo. All of them are super sweet ways to spend the day together and get outside. Once you’ve finished up at the patch, you can take your pumpkins home and have a carving contest.

  1. Pumpkin Carving

Even if you don’t end up at a pumpkin patch, you can buy some pumpkins at your local grocery store and take them home for a carving session. You can even make it a contest by setting a time limit to carve your masterpieces. Whatever you end up doing, you’re sure to make a work of art to sit on your porch for weeks to come.

Virtual Alternative: Bring your pumpkins home and video chat while you carve. Turn on some spooky fall music and enjoy the sounds of the season while you catch up with your S.O.

  1. Haunted House

Haunted houses can be a bit too scary for some, but if you’re up for the challenge they’re a great way to see how you and your S.O. react to the biggest frights. Not only that, but the best way to stick together through the haunted house is holding hands, which means you’ll get some guaranteed physical touch for the foreseeable future.

  1. Apple Orchard

If haunted houses aren’t your thing, apple orchards provide a slower-paced activity that’s just as fun. Spend the day in a beautiful apple tree forest and snap some cute photos. If you get hungry, there’s plenty of snacks surrounding you. Then you can take the fruits of your labor home for a snack or, if you’re feeling fancy, bake them into your favorite fall treats.

  1. Fall Baking

No matter your favorite fall flavors, there’s plenty of recipes out there to quench your craving. Apple, pumpkin, and pecan are just a few flavors of the season. There’s plenty of ways to bake them to just your liking. Check out Pinterest for some recipe ideas. And if you’re not in the mood for baking from scratch, the Pillsbury fall sugar cookies are always a great alternative.

Virtual Alternative: Challenge your partner to bake their favorite fall treat. When you’re both finished, have a video call date to compare your creations and enjoy them together.

  1. Scary Movies

If you’re looking for a more casual date night, try a movie night. Whether you see the newest scary flick at the theater or an old favorite fright at home, there’s an option for everyone. Pick up your favorite movie snacks and a bucket of popcorn for a simple date night. 

Virtual Alternative: Use Netflix Party to watch your favorite scary movie together in real-time. Use the chat feature to discuss the movie and express your surprise at the biggest jump scares.

  1. Halloween Costume Shopping

Whether you’re looking for a couple’s costume or going solo, costume shopping together can be a fun and humorous activity. Go to your favorite retail and thrift stores to find the corniest and scariest finds. At the end of the day, your ribs will hurt from laughing so hard and you’ll have a killer costume for Halloween.

Virtual Alternative: Take your costume search online to shop together in real-time. Share screenshots of your favorite costumes and risk buying them online (which adds to the fun).

  1. Hayride

Hayrides are a relaxed way to enjoy autumn with your partner. You may find a hayride at a pumpkin patch or apple orchard. If you’re lucky enough, you may even find a haunted hayride. No matter where your hayride takes place, it’s a great way to slow down and appreciate your surroundings in each other’s company.

  1. Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Markets are an amazing place to find your favorite homemade baked goods and homegrown fruits and vegetables. Some larger farmer’s markets may even include crafts, flowers, and other products from some local small businesses. No matter what you find, farmer’s markets are a great place to casually stroll with your S.O. and savor the simplicity of the day.

  1. Corn Maze

A corn maze is a fun place to walk and talk with your partner. You can explore the maze at your own pace, which leaves lots of time for hand-holding and casual conversations. No matter where the maze takes you, you’re sure to have your favorite person by your side. 

Autumn is a great time to get in the outdoors or spend a cozy night in. No matter how you choose to celebrate the season, be sure to spend it with someone you love.

Brianna Strohbehn is a junior at Winona State University and a small-town girl from central Iowa. Brianna is studying English, double majoring in writing and applied and professional writing with hopes of someday becoming an editor at a publishing firm. When she isn't writing, Brianna enjoys thrifting, reading, exploring her new home in Winona, and spending time with family and friends.
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