Elese Osterberg: Yogi Goddess

Elese Osterberg: Yogi Goddess

A senior from Rochester, Minnesota with a major in Nursing, Elese Osterberg sets time aside every day for yoga. Three words that Elese would use to describe herself would be compassionate, responsible, and knowledgeable.

Her Campus Winona: Hey Elese! My first question is how did you become interested in yoga?

Elese Osterberg: I found yoga my senior year of high school at the Rochester Athletic Club (RAC). I didnt know much about yoga then, but I knew a few of the instructors so I decided to give it a try.

HC: Is this why you decided to become a yogi?

EO: I decided to incorporate yoga into my life because of how it transformed me. Yoga has helped me through both emotional and physical struggles, and it has allowed me to become more in-tune with who I really am.

HC: How has your practice made you stronger as an individual?

EO: My practice has improved my strength trifold. Physically, I am able to do things that I never thought were possible when I first started practicing. Mentally, yoga allows me to process negative emotions or feeling, along with de-stressing and letting go of thoughts that may be clouding my mind. And spiritually, I have been able to connect with other yogis and develop bonds with them that remind me to have an open mind and a loving heart.

HC: How do you think yoga has helped you throughout your college career?

EO: Yoga has been a great outlet from the demands of classes, more specifically the nursing program. Yoga has allowed me to destress and clear my head so that I have restful nights of sleep and a sound mind for studying. It’s also been a great way to stay physically fit!

HC: What is some advice you would give to someone who is considering becoming a certified yogi or wanting to take yoga classes in general?

EO: If you are just beginning your yoga practice, I highly recommend coming to a free class on campus! It’s a great way to get exposure to see if it’s something you want to pursue. There are also a ton of resources on YouTube (i.e. aloyoga, yoga with Adriene) that are great if you think classes are still a bit intimidating. If you are further along in your own yoga practice and are considering a Yoga Teacher Training, there are many styles of yoga and locations to choose from.

HC: You teach a yoga class at Winona’s Wellness Center (IWC). What do you like most about teaching those classes?

EO: There are many perks of teaching yoga here on campus, but one of my favorites is guiding my students in class and helping them to grow in their practice.

HC: Wonderful! Thank you so much for letting Her Campus get an insight into life as a yogi!

EO: Anytime!

Elese teaches her yoga class every Monday and Wednesday at 7pm, and Yoga Tone with Hailey is every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm. Both classes are intermediate level classes, but Elese and Hailey offer modifications throughout the class so that it is accessible to everyone. I know I will be going to these classes, will you?