Don’t “Chug! Chug! Chug!”: Safe Drinking Tips For 21-Year-Olds

If you are 21, then you can start drinking! I recently turned 21 last Monday and have had about 5 alcoholic beverages in total since then. So, I am going to give you some tips to help you not end up with a wicked hangover the next day.


            First tip – drink water. I know when you’re drinking alcohol, drinking water along with it isn’t that appealing. But to ensure that you don’t get absolutely wasted, water will dilute the alcohol in the drink and you won’t be affected as much.


            Second tip – eat food. The alcohol is absorbed through your stomach lining, so if there is food in your stomach, the alcohol is not absorbed as quickly as it would if there were no food in your stomach. 


            Third tip – don’t drink and drive. Drinking inhibits your critical thinking, as well as your reflex times. Since driving uses both your critical thinking as well as quick reflexes to avoid dangerous situations, drinking while driving is incredibly unsafe, and in my opinion, very stupid. 


            Fourth tip – know who you are drinking with. The people you drink with should be people you trust. That way, you know they are less likely to spike your drink with a drug. They will also have your best interests at heart.


            Fifth tip – know how much you can have, and have had. The more you take in, the harder it will hit you. If you know how much you can have, and how much you have had already, you are likely to make sure you won’t black out, or do something stupid. 


            A bit shorter of an article than I usually post, but these are the tips that stick with me the most. Just be mindful of what you are drinking, who you are drinking with, and that you stay safe. But most importantly, have fun!