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Brianna Murphy: Madam President

Brianna Murphy is a junior majoring in Public Relations and Spanish. She is the president of PRSSA and is always on the move.

Her Campus (HC): How long have you been involved in / how did you get involved in PRSSA?

Brianna Murphy (BM): I joined Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) my freshman year after the old president and VP reached out to my PR class.  

HC: What do you do as PRSSA president?

BM: As president of PRSSA, I work with my other executive team members to create a schedule for the year. This includes coordinating meeting activities, agency tours, PRSSA events, fundraisers, and just fun bonding activities. The PRSSA team works very hard to provide every possible opportunity to our members.

HC: What sets PRSSA apart from other clubs on campus?

BM: PRSSA is a national society for public relations students. Not many clubs or organizations can provide a national network of professionals that will continue to help and guide them even after graduation.

HC: What advice would you give to people who are thinking about joining PRSSA?

BM: Do it! PRSSA isn’t demanding or time consuming. Anyone who’s interested in PR or just mass communications in general could benefit from this organization. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!  

HC: What does PRSSA mean to you?

BM: PRSSA has given me a lot of amazing opportunities and experiences, not only in leadership, but also in networking and finding my niche. I know the members of PRSSA will always be a valuable resource for me and I plan to always be one for them. Plus, I’ve gained some amazing friendships.

HC: What is your favorite memory of being part of this club?

BM: My favorite memory of PRSSA is my first agency tour day. We went to Minneapolis and toured 3 different major agencies. At the time I was only a freshman, so I was hesitant to go at all, but the members convinced me. After touring the agencies I felt so inspired. Because of those tours, I knew I was in the right major. Seeing the agencies and meeting people in jobs I could potentially have one day made me want to push myself. I know PRSSA has helped me to love what I do and inspire me to want to be my very best.

HC: What have you learned about yourself since joining?

BM: PRSSA has taught me how to network better, ways to improve my resume, how to plan major group travel, how to work with a variety of different people and so much more.

HC: What is one thing you want to accomplish as the president this year?

BM: This year I hope to plan a trip to Chicago with our members. I’d love to give every member the opportunity to meet some of the large agencies in Chicago and get outside their comfort zone.


Brianna has big dreams for PRSSA this year and we wish her the best of luck!

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