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Anyone who knows me knows that my absolute favourite artist is Bazzi. If you don’t know who Bazzi is, he’s the singer of the hit pop song “Mine” that took over the radio years ago and continues to dominate. Bazzi’s debut album Cosmic is a musical masterpiece that will make you feel so many different emotions. I’ve listened to Cosmic over and over and have been able to develop a full review, which I’m going to share with all of you.


"Dreams" is the first song on Cosmic. The introduction of the song is magical and super catchy, while Bazzi’s vocals are smooth and dreamy (mind the pun). In my opinion, "Dreams" is the perfect song to introduce you to Cosmic.


"Soarin" is next, with yet another whimsical introduction and a catchy beat drop. "Soarin" makes you want to stand up and belt the lyrics with your best friends. Bazzi’s vocals are perfect throughout this song and at the end, they bring out the emotion of the song beautifully.


"Myself" is more of an upbeat tune with a focus on self-love and depending on yourself (the lyrics of the chorus stating “I’m better by myself”). Bazzi’s speaking voice also comes out in this song a bit when he does some adlibs, which makes the song feel really powerful and unique.


"Star" is completely different from "Myself" in the sense that instead of focusing on himself, Bazzi is singing to someone he loves and is letting them know how much he appreciates them. This is an upbeat song that will bring out happiness and will also make you believe in love. The chorus is super catchy and will make you want to jump around and sing with the person you love.


Next up on the tracklist is "Why", a slow and steady song that speeds up and intensifies during the chorus. If you listen to the lyrics, you can tell that Bazzi is singing about a failed relationship and how he wants to finally separate. The lyrics seem to be sad, but the beat of the song is so upbeat and vibey. There are also some thunder sound effects at the beginning and the end that really add to the musical genius of the song.


If you know me, you know that "3:15" is one of my absolute favourite songs. "3:15" makes you want to fall in love and think about all of your best memories with your loved ones. It’s an absolute bop with an amazing chorus to tie it all together. "3:15" is so beautifully written and produced, and overall, just makes you feel happy and overwhelmed with emotion. Bazzi’s vocals are also amazing during this song, making it a million times better.


"Honest" is another song highlighting the ups and downs of relationships. Bazzi sings about a cheating partner and how he wishes that she had just been honest with him. During the second verse, a guitar comes in and adds to the overall vibe of the song. You can tell Bazzi is singing from the heart in this song, as his voice is raw with emotion. "Honest" also suddenly fades out at the end, making it mysterious and exciting.


Next on the tracklist is "Mirror", where Bazzi sings about his mental health and not being able to see his true self in a mirror. The piano in "Mirror" also adds to the overall tone of the song and expresses the sadder side, since the rest of the song is more upbeat.


"Gone" honestly gives off powerful vibes. Bazzi also showcases some of his rap skills during this song and switches up the overall beat a bunch of times. It makes the song unique and makes you feel like you can do anything.


This song has beautiful female vocals at the beginning and the end that make it dreamy. It’s another upbeat song that showcases some amazing drum work as well. At the end, it slowly fades and makes the listener want more. "Fantasy" is the perfect song to vibe with your friends.


In "BRB", Bazzi sings about asking a loved one to wait for him during his busy life. Bazzi sings “wish I could stop the hands of time and lay right here for life” during the pre-chorus, letting his partner know how much he truly cares. At the end of the song, Bazzi’s vocals are isolated which makes his voice sound beautiful, bringing out the emotion in the song. "BRB" is one that everyone should listen to.


"Cartier" is more of a sensual song with a slower beat. The beat is different from some of Bazzi’s more upbeat songs on Cosmic. In this song, Bazzi praises his partner and lets her know how much he loves her. He also sings “the world’s ours,” expressing to her that he sees a life with her. This song is a nice switch up from most of the upbeat songs on Cosmic.


"Beautiful" is another song of Bazzi’s that is magical and refreshing. It’s got a fun beat and includes beautiful harp music to make it sound heavenly. You may have heard this one on the radio as well, as it’s another one of Bazzi’s popular songs. Yet again, Bazzi’s voice is full of emotion, and you can tell that the person he is singing about is very loved and appreciated.


Next up is "Mine", the radio hit that helped to boost Bazzi to fame. "Mine" is a beautiful song that has a bunch of different beats and sounds. All the instruments in the song add a new dimension to its sound, which makes really awesome. Throughout the song, there are sound effects of sparkles that make the song dreamy. "Mine" is a perfect showcase of Bazzi’s incredible talent, so it’s super fitting that it’s one of the songs that helped grow in popularity in the first place.


"Changed" is another one of Bazzi’s slower songs, even though the chorus is super catchy. In this song, Bazzi sings about how Hollywood can change a lot of people. He also sings about his love for music and his desire to create music to inspire people as opposed to just becoming famous. This is a shorter song near the end of the album, but the lyrics and incredible beat make it really powerful.


The last song on Cosmic is "Somebody", which is an R&B type song with lyrics that talk about wanting to feel something “real”. This song closes off the album nicely as it wraps up all of the album’s previous lyrics and beats into one song.

I hope you can see how amazing Cosmic is and start to listen to Bazzi if you haven’t already. Happy listening!

Alexandra Winter

Wilfrid Laurier '23

Alex is in her third year of Kinesiology at Wilfrid Laurier University and is also minoring in Psychology. She has been a writer for Her Campus for about a year and a half and has loved every second of it. Some of her main hobbies include reading, working out, and hanging out with friends. Her favourite shows are Money Heist and Euphoria. She has a twin sister and 3 amazing pets who she loves very much.
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